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I have a new single for you today!

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Well London does know how to bring an action packed night of great music, doesn't it. 

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Tonight Alive played their first show of the year, and with a set like this they have started the year off well. Playing many fan favourites, it wasn't long before they had the crowd on their side. The band even played a new song called 'The Edge' that they have only just written while taking a break from touring. 

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Yearbook - Old Bones - EP - Review

Tuesday, 04 March 2014 21:43

Andover’s very own post-rock four piece band, Yearbook who formed in 2011 and consists of Andy Halloway, Hamish Dickinson, Thomas Brooker and Louis Martin have announced details for their upcoming ‘Old Bones’ EP. Set for release March 5th!

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A World Defined are set to release their new EP ‘In Absence’ on the 24th March! 

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It’s a new day so why not a new band!

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Twenty one pilots are once again back in London and London rejoices at this fact! 

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Knights - Interview

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 20:48

With Knights having just released their debut single and their EP ‘Hailstorm’ release on the way, I decided to catch up with Michael Storey, Knights Guitarist to find out a little more about the band! See review of their new EP here .

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As It Is - This Mind Of Mine - EP - Review

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 16:52

‘As It is’ are set to release their new EP ‘This Mind Of Mine ‘ on 17th March.  

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Zoltar Speaks are set to release their debut album!

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