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We are Lost Boys - Life - EP - Review

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This week I have a new band for you to just go crazy over! 

 We Are Lost Boys formed in the back end of 2010 with their rock, pop sound. They have released two EP’s since forming. Their first EP ‘Making Memories and their brand new 6 track EP ‘Life’. 

‘Life’ is a cracker of an EP! Written about life and their experiences of it all make this EP very relatable to many music fans, which personally for me is something I look for in music.  

It’s an EP filled with pure rock tracks making it a hard hitting and energetic listen.  3 songs you should definitely check out are: ‘From Home Sweet Home’, T.W.O.TW (The Way of the World) and ‘Old Street’. 

The band pride’s themselves on the fact that they do this all on their own stating “we have no money, we have no backing, we just have our passion. Keeping it real since 2011” and that is exactly what they are doing and they are doing it well! 

You can buy the EP ‘Life’ from ITunes and Amazon, and you can also watch their music videos for T.W.O.T.W (The Way Of the Word) and ‘Old Street’ here on their Youtube Channel . Make sure you also like the band on Facebook at . 


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