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Idlewild - 21st August - The Stables, Milton Keynes

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There's nothing quite like going to an intimate gig, and an acoustic one is even better.

Idlewild are back with an acoustic tour and tonight in Milton Keynes is only their second gig in five years. 

The band had a stunning performance as it truly was a striped back to the bones performance. With no flashy lightshow, or big displays, just musicians and their instruments.

Idlewild played songs from across the board like ‘You Held The World In Your Arms’, ‘American English’, The Bronze Medal’, ‘Little Discourage’ and ‘Welcome Home’. They even featured two new songs from there yet to be finished new album in the set. If these new songs are anything to go by this is going to be a record you need to start getting excited about. Guitarist Rod Jones also played one of his songs from one of his other bands that fitted in nicely at the beginning of the second set. 

Vocalist, Roddy Woomble explained in-between songs that he is wearing his t-shirt inside out due to the fact that he didn't know what to where before he went on stage. So he decided just to put it on inside out. 

As the second set began he came on with a shirt this time, stating the show was a bargain as there’s even a costume change along with the two sets. 

This was a beautifully simple set, with only the use of guitars, bass, piano, Keyboard, violin and their vocals this made for a unique and wholesome feel that can't be recreated, giving the gig a special feeling. 

The band also announced that this tour is really being used as a way to get back into gigging ahead of a big tour next year. 

Idlewild who have been around for since 1995 has inspired many bands during their career, with their alternative rock and at times folk style. The band finished the night with their fan favourite song ‘Roseability’ that was released in 2000. This was a great end to a really great performance. 


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