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Utoxator - Double A Single ‘Paint On Walls’ - Review

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UtoXator is a Rock / Pop – Punk / Metal band that originally formed in North Yorkshire but is now based in Leeds. 


2005 saw the release of their debut four track EP ‘Stop and Listen’. Then in 2011 they released their long awaited follow up with their Double A single ‘Paint on Walls’. 

The band has four members who are Aiden (bass) , Alz (vocals / guitar) , Luzio (vocals / guitar) and Maxwell (drums) . Having played together since 2003 they really know how to blend the sound, as well as write a killer song. 

Their Double A Single ‘Paint on Walls’ has two incredibly hard hitting songs. 

The single ‘Paint on Walls’ starts with an energetic instrumental beginning then slows into a dramatic chorus, which puts a lot of emphasis on the drums. This is a powerful song musically and lyrically and would definitely be a great song performed live as it has the aggression and power to get a crowd going. 

The second track is ‘Which Side of the Thin Blue Line’ is another great song, again like ‘Paint On Walls’ its a hard hitting dramatic song certain to get a crowd moving. With instruments being used at different times then being brought together for the chorus really adds to the song and gives it even more layers and depth. 

This is a single you should definitely pick up as you don’t want to miss out on this band. 

Make sure you also like them on Facebook to see when new music is coming out. 

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