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Slam Dunk South 2014 - Review

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It’s that time of year again! It’s Slam Dunk!

Yet again Slam Dunk festival has succeeded in bringing pop punk fans the best of the best. 

Canterbury had one of the opening slots of the Jagermeifter stage and what a great job they did at opening the festival! Playing a mix of both old and new songs, this was a set that went down very well with fans! 

Decade took it to another level on the Macbeth stage. This is a band that is made for the Slam Dunk festival. It took no time for the band to draw in a big crowd. This was a cracker of a set from the Bath based band. 

Atticus stage was one of the places that festival goer’s needed to be! Save Your Breath had a killer set that show cased the bands talent and showmanship; this was going to be tough act to follow! This was definitely a set not to be missed, as it was pop – punk at its best. The blackout’s Sean Smith also made an appearance in one of the songs too! 

Natives took to the Cheer Up Stage and within minutes the room was packed out from front to back, with people flooding out of the room! Fans were still prepared though to bust a move to two, despite the lack of space. This was a solid set from the lads and one that would brighten anyone’s day!

Florida’s very own, We The Kings had a stormer of a set! Playing songs from their catalogue of releases, they had the crowd jumping around in no time with their pop rock style. This was an extremely fun set from the band and one to see , as the crowd totally lost it! The set even featured the band filming a music video.

State Champs were a definite highlight of the day! If I’m honest it couldn’t how gotten anymore pop punk if it tried, and I would expect nothing less, when attending Slam Dunk! The band bought in a big crowd as the Atticus stage! State Champs had the room moving from left to right, front to back, and there was a whole lot of crowd surfing going on! Well, actually any form of surfing for that manner!

Zebrahead also brought in a big crowd at the Macbeth stage and there set list went down well with the fans! 

Wrexham, UK’s very own Neck Deep took to the Atticus stage and once again the room was filled with pop punk fans waiting to see one of the big break through bands of the year! And they certainly didn’t disappoint their audience, with another set filled with crowd surfers and one table surfer. Yes, I said it! I will leave that one to your imagination. 

We Are The In Crowd had a great set on the sunny stage that was the Jagermeifter stage! Playing a number of songs from their new album ‘Weird Kids’ that was released in February of this year. State Champs’s singer Derek Discanio, also made an appearance in one of We Are The In Crowd’s songs! This was an up lifting set from the band and one that went down well with the crowd.

Letlive took to the Monster Energy stage for the second to last slot of the day and what a performance they had! This was quite frankly a killer set and one band that should be on your list to see!  This was a set filled with moshing and a mass sing along to the band’s song ‘Muther’. Letlive are not only a band that knows how to play live, but they are also great performers to. This was an exciting set from the band, as frontman Jason Bulter spent a lot of his time climbing just about everything in sight, and even at one point hanging upside down from a fence, but I would expect nothing else from a band like Letlive. 

Kids In Glass Houses finished the day on the Atticus stage and what a way to finish the day! The band played the entirety of their debut album ‘Smart Casual’, as well as, a few a fan favourites for good measure! This was a fantastic set from Kids In Glass Houses, that saw the crowd go wild! This was a fitting end for what was a great day of live music!  


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