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Elliot Minor - 30th March - Islington Academy, London

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Amaryllis had a fun set with their alternative sound. Having been voted for by the public for the support slot tonight, there set went down well with the fans. This was a big night for the band as they took to the stage that many of their favourite bands had done on previous occasion. 

States and Empires hailing from south Wales had a cracking set. Having only been a band for 9 months, this was a band with a very solid and tight set indeed. With their set even featuring a cover of Motor Head, ace of spades that got the crowd going. 

As Elliot Minor took to the stage the venue really lit up. As the band played a collection of songs from there two albums ‘Elliot Minor’ and ‘Solaris’. This was a set filled with sing a longs and great guitar solos. Elliot minor had a brilliant set and with a performance like this you would never have known the band had been away. This was a great night and a well-deserved send of for the band and there last performance.


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    Work on the grammar.

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