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Fall Out Boy - 20th March - Wembly Arena, London

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Fall out boy are back in London and excitement is high! 

New politics started the night off well with their fun fuelled dance rock that's got the crowd in a dancing mood! This was a band that knew how to command a stage of this size as guitars Flew 10 feet in the air. 


The Pretty reckless changed the mood of the night once more with heavy classic rock vibes! This was technically a brilliant live set from the band unfortunately they lacked energy tonight. 


Fall out boy pop punk rock heroes needed no introduction as they opened up there set with Phoenix! With what was a fan favourite set filled with both classics and new songs! 


The band even slowed it right down for a few songs as they made their way to a small stage in the middle of the venue to place ‘Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy’. 


With a performance like this you would never have known the band had ever left! With an outstanding performance! 



Fall out boy ended the night with their classic song Saturday, which topped off a great night! 


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