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RIOTS - Single 'Revolution' - Review

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This week I am reviewing a band called RIOTS, this is a pretty new band on the scene considering they have only just released their first single which you can get for free, but we will get back to this later, for this isn’t just another band hoping for their fair share of fame and glory within the music industry … no. RIOTS is a band that wants to make a change. 

RIOTS when describing themselves said, “(Riots) is not just a band, it’s a voice, the voice of a generation that is silenced and hushed by the money grabbing global markets and politicians that are only looking out for themselves. In an ever-growing society where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. As Riots we intend to get in your face, onto your streets, into your televisions, onto your radios and make some fucking noise!” 

Well if their first single ‘Revolution’ is anything to go by there is nothing stopping them from spreading this message. 

The single ‘Revolution’ is a definite grower as the more you listen to it, the more you will love it. It’s evident that this song has influences from bands like Foo Fights as it has a great sing along chorus, yet has the rawness of the Sex Pistols. 

You can download their single for free from their Facebook page also make sure you like their Facebook page as the band said, ”On our sites you can post news features and opinions that you feel are wrong, ridiculous or pure insanity when it comes to the abuse of money, our education and our country.”

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  • Joe Bloggs

    Wow what a show, loved every minute...They rock!!!!!

    Joe Bloggs Comment Link

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