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In Dynamics - Questions - EP - Review

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Brighton’s very own rock trio In Dynamics are back to announce the release of their brand new EP ‘Questions’!

In Dynamics formed in 2011 and consists of Beau Boulden (vocal and guitar), Will Wrench (bass) and Jack Wrench (drums). 

‘Questions’ will be released on the 10th March and this EP follows up their debut EP ‘Circle’ that was released last year. 

“The recording of the new release was one of the most stressful but rewarding periods we've ever had as a band” reveals drummer Jack Wrench, “We felt as though we took everything we experienced with 'Circle' and pushed it further. As a second release, it is the first time we've ever had any pressure on our music to live up to expectations, and we didn't want to be stepping backwards. We feel like the new material is a grand but natural progression that we cannot wait for everyone to check out; hopefully they can hear that on Questions.”

‘Questions’ is a four track EP:

-The House

-An Atheist Can’t Be An Atheist 

-Waking Life


In Dynamics has yet again out done themselves with another fantastic EP! With an EP that filled with both killer hooks and groove riffs, ‘Questions is an EP with feeling of depth and with Beau Boulden vocal that so smoothly fit with the melody and poetic lyrics, it’s just a match you can’t beat and an EP that your ears need to hear!

In Dynamics new EP ‘Questions’ will be self-released on the 

10th March 2014. Until then keep up with the band by liking them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at .


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