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Rhoda May - Sessions - EP - Review

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UK progressive newcomers Rhoda May release their debut EP.

Hailing from Surrey, the instrumental rock band Rhoda May is ready to set loose their debut EP ‘Sessions’ on Monday the 6th January. 

Having formed in mid-2012 by long time friends Will Pain (Guitar), Mark Sanger (Drums) and Andy Page (Bass). It wasn’t until this year that the band went official. This was ignited by an impromptu knock on the rehearsal room door by a local promoter who happened to overhear the band rehearsing and the Rhoda May were instantly asked to support popular London band Senser.

The band has gone on to support the likes of Heights, Freeze The Atlantic and Three Trapped Tigers. 

‘Sessions’ is a collection of two live sessions recorded by the band and can be seen on .

‘Session’s is a fantastic instrumental EP that flows so well into each song, even though each song has its own style. This really just shows off the talent of this band! With it being a live session the recording adds so much to the EP with a certain rawness to it. The melodies of the distorted guitar that blends well with the progressive drum style all put neatly into this little EP!  It’s definitely worth a listen!

Keep you with Rhoda May via their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter at


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