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Benjamin Gibbs – Debut EP ‘Social Smoking’ - Review

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I always love it when I get the opportunity to listen to new music, especially by a new artist. Benjamin Gibbs is a singer - song writer who you should really watch out for.

His Alternative Pop style is like nothing I have ever heard before and very refreshing to hear in an age where a lot of pop music is very generic. 

The EP has some upbeat songs which will have you bouncing and dancing in no time. The lyrics are easy to relate too, which I always appreciate in a song, yet at the same time some are quite witty. 

This is an EP you should definitely check out because it’s not only a fresh listen with great lyrics and melody’s but it’s also full of songs which will offer you something new every time you listen to them. With each play – you will enjoy it even more. 

So go checkout Benjamin Gibbs’s debut EP ‘Social Smoking’ as well as his debut music video

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