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David Stücken of David and The Curse - Interview

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We caught up with David Stücken of David and The Curse last year to chat about their upcoming album ‘An Epitaph For Love’ that will be released early this year. 

How are you?

“Hello, I'm doing quite well.”



You are set to release your debut album ‘An Epitaph For Love’, early next year. Can you tell me a little bit about the release? 

“I've worked tirelessly on this release and I'm proud to share it with everyone. I feel that I've finally found my voice as a songwriter.”



What and who has influenced your new album? 

“Great writers like Mick Jagger - you can't deny the poetry in "Sympathy For The Devil." And Tom Petty with every track he's recorded. Dee Dee Ramone made an extreme impact on me. He was the force behind The Ramones writing. There're so many.”



What is your favourite track on the album and why?

I” dunno. I think everyone should choose their own favourite track. The beauty with songwriting is that people identify their own feeling that they carry with songs. I wrote them all and I love them all. I'm proud of this record but I want the listener to choose their favourite song.”



What is the album about as a whole? 





What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

“I write when I least expect. I write in the car in traffic. I'll record a song on my phone and finish it later. I just write. When I'm at home all I really do is play guitar so I'll finish songs when I feel.”



Tell me one fact about the band that you don't think your fans will know.

“We actually all love each other and everyone I've picked to be in "The Curse" is "handpicked." It's not just a group of musicians. It's a conglomerate of seasoned vets. We're not old but, I have guys I've respected for years playing with me. And I want the audience to enjoy the music so for that to happen it HAS so to be knockout!”



What does the rest of the year hold for you?

“Playing for people. Just connecting. I strive to play for as many people as possible and I don't pull punches. I wanna meet everyone at the Merch booth and be accessible.”



Will fans be able to catch you on a tour coming up?

“We're working on a tour and will see what comes down the line. I don't really like the word "fan" because I'm no different than anybody who listens to music. We all put out pants on the same way. I'm just at music maker, and if people decide to come to the shows, they're music lovers. I'm not a "rockstar," I'm just here to connect and I want that to be known.”



Describe the band in three words.

“Integrity, rock 'n roll, truth.”



Where can fans find out more about you?

Hit me up on FB or IG. I'm here!


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