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Ocean Sleeper - Six Feet Down - EP - Review

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Regional Victorian outfit Ocean Sleeper have released a video for their brand new EP "SIX FEET DOWN". 

The 13th January saw the release of the bands new EP "Six Feet Down" that is available for purchase online via their and at iTunes. Along with the news of their new EP, Ocean Sleeper have also released a video for their single ‘Six Feet Down’.


The "Six Feet Down" video to celebrate the single was shot by Callan Nicholson of Achiever Visuals. Karl Spiessl, vocalist for the band, said "We filmed it at our local skate park at night to give that urban feel - being from the country somewhere like a city makes me personally have the cold and alone feel, so I wanted to kind of capture that feel. I know for sure that all my mates - whenever we would have any dramas at home, we would always just go ride at the skate park... and that place was our little safe spot to escape Ii guess." 


Guitarist (and all-rounder) for the band Ionei Heckenberg recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the EP out of his studio Zanari Records.


Vocalist Karl Spiessl explains the single ‘Six Feet Down’'s story. "’Six Feet Down’ is about myself and follows the theme that 'No matter what, the mistakes are you've made, they are what makes you who you are now.' In my case I've made many bad decisions but I'm happy with how they have made me now, so I guess it was all necessary? I sought help once with a psychologist due to constant panic and anxiety attacks and that's where you get the first line of six feet down of 'Where do I begin?'" 


The theme of the EP is around wanting to break cycles of feeling helpless. "It really represents being stuck in the same place. We all live in a country area that stays the same. It's just filled with drug issues. People get trapped here in a cycle of - go to school, get apprenticeship, get married, buy house, have kids, cycle repeats and no one leaves here - alternatively, they get stuck in the drug cycle. So in saying that, the EP represents being stuck in this place but not knowing ways to escape - but wanting something more and to achieve more."


‘Six Feet Down’ is an excellent release from the band and one hell of a way to open your musical new year with! This is a riff heavy release from the band with and also emotionally heavy side to it as well. With emotive lyrics, soaring guitar riffs and impassioned vocals. 


The band have created a record worthy of hitting that replay button with building verses and huge choruses, there is more than enough for you to sink your teeth into with this release.  


Ocean Sleeper has dropped a cracking record that is a must listen to! So get your hands on the album and start learning the words! 


Keep up with Ocean Sleeper via their Facebook

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