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Aleko - Interview

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Singer songwriter Aleko has just unveiled his latest single,’Waiting’, so we decided to catch up with Aleko to find out more about the single. 

How are you?

“I'm doing great, just keeping myself real busy with everything I've got going on in my life right now so I can't complain.”


You have released your new song 'Waiting' can you tell me a little bit about the track?

“Well, 'Waiting' itself is a story about two people taking different approaches with both love and life. One-half of the puzzle is patiently waiting, letting everything just come naturally, while the other is pining and searching; and in the case of this song it's all love for the two of them. Ideally, I wrote the song so that these two individual people would have some sort of connection with one another.”


What has influenced the new release?

“Really the entire meaning of the song influenced it, and my own dream of sharing every single one of my songs with everyone. The more I am able to connect with my listeners, through both emotion and similarities, the happier I am as an artist.”


How has the track been received so far?

“I've gotten a lot of great reception from it so far, privileged enough to have your attention for these questions which means a lot to me, so I can't say there's been any bad reactions to it! As a whole, I'm extremely happy with the reception I've gotten about it.”


What do you want fans to take from your music?

“Every single song of mine, no matter what the story is, is meant for listeners to connect and feel consoled in a way that ranting sometimes cannot help. I bottle all of my issues up, and that's just the way I am, but I have found therapy through listening to artists who connect with their fans through soul in their voice. I myself want to do the very same thing. I want my work to cater to those who bottle their problems up, and those who just can't find someone to talk to that'll make them feel better. In summary, I want them to know they are never alone if they are listening to my music.”


How did you go about the writing and recording process for 'Waiting'?

“Writing 'Waiting' consisted of me pooling together every personal memory I had of consoling a friend, as well as my own take and experiences in my short-life thus far. It was easy for me to put it all together, and every song is different that way because some can take a day, a week, or even months depending on the depth of emotion and storytelling. Recording 'Waiting' was an awesome experience, being able to have Trevor Leonard of Punchline and The End of America produce it, and I'm craving more studio time for the rest of the work I've got coming. I wrote the template of the song, all of the lyrics, and brought it into the studio to really build from it and piece together something different from the rest. Being able to work with an artist like Trevor is an honor, and I love every chance I get to keep an open mind and be humbled.”


What does the rest of the year hold for you?

“I've been focused on writing material this year, because there's so much I have to share with everyone and my music is the best way for me to do so. I may do a few small shows here and there, but I've got a reason for everyone to be more interested in what's to come at the beginning of the new year.”


Can fans expect to see you live anytime soon?

“As it stands, there's nothing set in stone, but I may be doing something in December that anyone in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area would be more than welcome to see!”


Describe your music in three words.

“Passionate, soulful, emotional.”



Where can fans find out more about you? 

“You can find me on social media sites like,, and as alekomusic on Instagram! If you're looking for 'Waiting', or my last release, you can find it on both as well as iTunes. If any of you like what you hear and can connect with it in your own way, feel free to tell me because it means a lot.”


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