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Taking Back Sunday’s self-titled album which was released on 28th June, 2011, is some-what of a letdown after hearing the singles ‘Faith (When I Let You Down)’ and ‘You Got Me’ from the album, because these two songs are incredible with the power vocals and lyrics. Yet the rest of the album it just ok, as nothing is particularly memorable.

Winchester Rebel is a Heavy Rock/ Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Sana Barbara, CA. They formed in August of 2009. The band is made up of Nick Hunt (vocals), Nick Fitzgerald (guitar), John Livergood (bass), James Longoria (guitar) and Barry Carter (drums).

So who wants to hear about another new band this week? Well you are in luck! I have a great one for you! 

Barely Blind is an unsigned band who were originally from Port Arthur, TX but are now based in Los Angeles, CA. 

In Hindsight - Review

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In Hindsight is a pop / rock band from Nottinghamshire

Kids in Glass Houses have had two brilliant albums since they formed in 2003, but their most recent and third album ‘In Gold Blood’ lacks that Kids in Glass Houses spark that made their other albums ‘Smart Casual’ and ‘Dirt’ so great. 

RIOTS - Single 'Revolution' - Review

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This week I am reviewing a band called RIOTS, this is a pretty new band on the scene considering they have only just released their first single which you can get for free, but we will get back to this later, for this isn’t just another band hoping for their fair share of fame and glory within the music industry … no. RIOTS is a band that wants to make a change. 

Mary has a Gun - Easy Way - Single / Video - Review

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Mary has a Gun … so who are they? Mary has a Gun are a band from France who formed back in 2003. They have a strong fan base that continues to grow; with over 11,000 likes on Facebook, 1500 twitter follows and 40,000 friends on their blog site, it’s clear to see that this band is making waves within the music industry. 

This month is a big month for gig reviews and big interviews.

Butserfest 2012 – Festival Review

Published in Gig Round-up

As the UK’s festival season comes to an end once again, Butserfest sets to give it a great send off as it is one of the last festivals of the summer. The festival has a great mixture of established, up and coming and local bands. 

Goodbye Sky Harbour started off the show with their alternative rock sound, that gradually gets the crowd going and by the end of their set , there is what appears to be a La Macarena dance off (yes, I did say that!)

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