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Patrick Stump - Soul Punk - Album Review

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In 2009 Fall Out Boy announced their hiatus and by 2011 frontman Patrick Stump was back with a new solo album ‘Soul Punk’ that he had not only written himself, but also played every instrument and produced the entire album!


This album has quite a sound of its own, especially from any of Fall Out Boys back catalogue. Patrick Stump included electro – pop, R&B and funk into this first solo album. Not only has he moved genre fantastically well, but he has also established himself as his own artist. 


‘Soul Punk’ offers an incredible and a fun listen throughout the album and leaves you with a sense of awe at just how talented Patrick Stump is and the intelligence of the album itself. 


Three songs you should listen to are: 

-‘This City’

-‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’

-‘Run Dry (X Hearts X Fingers)’

This is a good album – a really good album – a really really good album! Even if you’re not a fan of the style still have a listen, it might just change your mind and if it doesn't you can just appreciate the talent and cleverness of the album! 

Be sure to visit Patrick Stump’s website where you can find his other social networking sites! 


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