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Set It Off featuring Brawlers and Decade - 6th May - The Underworld, Camden

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Well, Camden it never shy of offering fans an excellent line up and tonight is no exception! 

London based band, Brawler opened together with an exceptional set!  Playing a number of songs from their new release ‘Romantic Errors Of Your Youth’ that was released this year. Songs on the set list tonight included ‘Drink & Dial’, ‘(I’m Having A) Nervous Breakdown’, ‘Instagram Famous’ and ‘Two Minutes’. 


Frontman Harry Johns, also went on to say: "Once the band were told "I like Brawlers but the frontman says ‘fuck’ too much"


Harry Johns went on to add "I don't think you can say ‘fuck’ enough" Which was followed by the crowd chanting ‘fuck yeah Brawlers’. 


This was an excellently energetic set as the band bounced, spun and darted about the stage. Not only can this band play and write music well, they also have a charm, a good attitude and a positive message while up on stage! 


Bath based band Decade, who has been on just about every tour recently. Graced The Underworld stage next and played a number of songs like 

‘Colours’, ‘Coffin, ‘Brain Freeze’ and ‘I Don't Care’. They also through in a few new songs into the mix, one being 'Daisy May'. 


This was another great set as the band really warmed up the crowd for Set It Off. 


The crowd began to buzz with excitement the moment the stage began to be set up for Set It Off, for what is the bands first headlining UK and Europe tour. 


Set It Off opened with ‘Forever Stuck In Our Youth’ which brought the venue to life insistently! In fact, within two songs the pit just became one very sweaty mass of moving bodies. 


 The Florida based band went on to play a number of songs from their new album ‘Duality’ such as ‘Ancient History’, ‘Bleak December’, ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’, ‘Miss Mysterious’ and ‘Tomorrow’. 


The band also had time to slip in a few songs from their previous releases for older fans like ‘Breath In, Breath Out’ and an acoustic mash up of ‘Swan Song’ and ‘Horrible Kids’. 


This was an excellently energetic, passion driven and very very sweaty performance from the band!  

The band also played their great cover of Ariana Grande song ‘Problems’. 


Set It Off are a fantastic live band from their instrumental ability, energy, showmanship and on point vocals every time! But they also come with a positive attitude and an inspiring message of working hard and believing in your self, which is a refreshing thing to see from a band, but most importantly they look like they are loving ever minute of it and look grateful for ever opportunity, no matter the size.  


Despite not being a sold out show tonight, this didn’t matter as the band, lit the venue up to night and the crowd gave just as much energy, with huge sing a longs and crowd interaction, it is evident Set It Off, have something very special going for them, with a greeting like this only a few days into their first headlining tour in the UK. 


Well, you better start paying more attention to Set it Off, because they are going to be ripping apart the music scene this year and there’s no stopping them!

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  • covet fashion

    Set It Off opened with ‘Forever Stuck In Our Youth’ which brought the venue to life insistently! In fact, within two songs the pit just became one very sweaty mass of moving bodies.

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