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Lila, The Divine Game - Book - Review

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So Christmas day has pasted again and I hope you all had a good one! 


A lot of you have probably already hit the sales with the money you got for Christmas but hold on to some of it as I really think you will want to have some of it to buy the book I am about to review! 

Yes, a book, but don’t worry it is still very much related to music!

The Book is called Lila, The Divine Game and it is written by Mathew Leone (Madina Lake, Bassist).

The book is a great read from beginning to end and gives a fantastic insight into the thought process behind the band, Madina Lake, as well as their three albums which are all connected to this one story. The main part of the book however is in fact the written story in which all three albums reference. 

This is a book that really opens your eyes to the work behind this story and the albums, but it also makes you listens to Madina Lake’s albums ‘From Them, Through Us, to You’ (2007), ‘Attics to Eden’ (2009) and ‘World War III’ (2011) in a totally new light!

A fantastic read, a captivating story and a must have for all Madina Lake fans! 

You can buy the book Lila, The Divine Game from . 

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