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Four Year Strong Featuring Forever Came Calling and Hit The Lights - 26th March - Electric Ballroom, London

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Well Four Year Strong have brought together quite the pop punk line up! 

Only UK band on the tour, Light You Up opened the show tonight and finish their set with singer, Tom Napier in the crowd singing to the band's new single ‘All We've Ever Known’ and ‘Foxfire’. 


Twentynine Palms, CA, based band Forever Came Calling had an upbeat and fun set from beginning to end and kept energy levels up. 


The band went on to state this was the biggest show of the tour and they got to see Big Ben, which was 'tight'. 


Not only did the five piece play a number of newer tracks but they also through in some old songs with 'The Office' and finished with 'Front Porch Sunset'. 


Hit The Lights take no time at all to get the crowd going as frontman Nick Thompson said "lets get a lot little fucking crazy'! Having been away for the past three years, it was clear the band had been sorely missed by the fans. 


This was a fantastic set from Hit The Lights filled to the brim with energy neither the band nor the crowd took a break from jumping around. 


The set featured songs such as '309', 'Save Your Breath', 'Cry Your Eyes Out' and 'BodyBag'. As well as 'Fucked Up Kids' that is on Hit The Lights new record ‘Summer Bones’ that they dropped last week. 


This was going to be a tough set to beat! 


Playing to a packed out Electric ballroom Four Year Strong need no introduction as the crowd insistently starting moving with excitement. As the band open up there set with ‘What The Hell Is A Gigswatt?’ and ‘On A Saturday’.


Followed by a new track called ‘Tread Lightly from their new EP ‘Go Down In History’ that was released mid last year.


Amazingly the band managed to up the energy from the bands that have already played tonight! As they jumped, bounce and head banged their way around the stage! 


Not to mention this was a set filled to he brim with impassioned, screaming at the top of your lungs sing a longs! With ‘With One Step At A Time’ being one of the big ones! Which any great gig needs! 


This was a brilliantly fast paced set from the band, that not only showcases that they are a band you need to see live but it also showed off both the old and new from Four Year strong catalogue. 


Four Year Strong was just the cherry on the top of an already great gig. As they finished the set with ‘Wasting Time’ as the crowd once again lost it for one last time 


This was a show not to be missed by pop punk fans! 

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