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Marina City - In The Wake Of Dreaming- EP - Review

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So as it’s the holidays why not treat yourself to a new band and EP!


Marina City are a pop/rock band from Chicago. The band consists of Ryan Alan (Lead Vocals), Brian Johnson (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Gaudiano (Keys/Vocals), Ricky Sutton (Lead Guitar), Eric Somers-Urrea (Drums) and Aaron Heiy (Bass). 

This is a band that have used their mix of electronic synth, rocky sound and occasional a little bit of piano to give their music not only its own sound but also the back bone behind it!

Their EP "In The Wake Of Dreaming" is an energetic listen, with powerful chorus great for singing along to not only on CD but live too I’m sure! The Mix of vocals between Ryan Alan (singer) and Brian Johnson (vocals / guitar) made for a great sound as vocally they complement each other very well.

Three songs you should definitely checkout on the seven track EP is:

-When Friends Become Enemies 

-Goodbye Ilene

-Fly Away

This is a fantastic EP and definitely worth a listen! 

But that’s not all no no! The band also has a brand new single out called “Falling Up & Breaking Down”. This is another fantastic song with powerful lyrics, vocals and a great piano sound in the background that just added to the emotions and strength of this song. 

It’s a must listen! 

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