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The Armory - Interview

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The Atlanta, GA rock band, The Armory released their debut album ‘Rediscover’ is October of last year. So we caught up with the band to discuss the debut album and just want does 2015 have in – store for the band. 

How are you? 

“We are doing great!! Just getting pumped about everything we have lined up for 2015!”


Can you introduce yourself/selves and tell me a little bit about the band?

“Ben Harris, drummer, Ricky Free lead guitar, John Patton guitar, Marc Harris Bass and lead vocals, and Sean Wheeler guitar and lead vocals.


“A little bit about us and the band; we've been a band now for a little over 5 years. We've released 2 previous EP's and a couple of singles not on an EP. ‘Rediscover’ is our debut full-length album. Our line-up has been the same since the start of the band with one exception. Ricky Free, has only been with us since January of this year 2014. After our previous guitar player left Ricky was our first choice and immediately came to mind to ask about joining up with us. Ricky and the band have an extensive history together from him and his previous bands and The Armory doing a few tours together. He, on one tour with us and his band at the time, filled in for our guitarist John, who couldn't make that tour due to unforeseen circumstances. He was involved with the recording of our last EP ‘Dynasty’ as well.”



What influences you both as a band and as individuals?

“Collectively our influences are, the drive of performing and sharing our hearts through the music we write and perform. Individually speaking;


Sean Wheeler: "I'm influenced by architecture and primitive building techniques. The weather, and sounds of nature. Musically, Tom Yorke, U2, Coldplay, Neal Diamond, Billy Joel, Mark Knowles, Strung Out, Oasis, The Beatles, and Dead Poetic.”


John Patton: “Musically; Thrice, Circa Survive,  and Story of the Year. Metallica was a big influence on me in my younger and earlier days of guitar playing. Atreyu and As Cities Burn, are also influences of mine.”


Ricky Free: I’m definitely influenced by my feelings and emotions. The music of Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Jason Becker of recent, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, are all heavy influences of mine especially in the realm of technical and emotional guitar playing. When it comes to the conveyance of emotions in song writing acts of influence are, John Mayer, Circa Survive, Michael Buble, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nora Jones, Killswitch Engage, The Beatlesm and Jimi Hendrix.”


Marc Harris: “Musically my influences are, Circa Survive, Deftones, and Thrice.” 



You released your debut album 'Rediscover' earlier this year, can you tell me a bit about the record?

“We did just release our debut full length album in October this year. I think as a whole we feel like it is the most ambitious collection of material we have released to date. That being said we wanted to really do everything we could to make the most of the release of Rediscover. By employing a marketing team and doing 2 music videos and playing the material at cover gigs as well as booking and playing original shows.


“We feel that Rediscover offers our fans and new listeners an album that shows who we are to date, the roads we've been down musically and the roads we hope to travel in our future as well. From heavier tracks like Stay and Peter Piper, to slightly less aggressive and softer tracks like in the title track Rediscover.”



What is your favourite track from the album and why?

John Patton: “My favourite track off Rediscover is ‘Fortune and Pride’. That is such an epic song and the moment the end of the bridge gives way to the last chorus is a shining moment off the album that I love.”


Marc Harris: “My favourite track is ‘Memory’, its got a great groove and awesome guitars.”


Ricky Free: “My favourite track off the album is ‘Memory’. I love the structure and the lyrics. This is also the first song I wrote as a member of the band. Co - writing the music and a little bit of the lyrics with marc and myself. Plus it’s got some sweet guitar parts.”


Sean Wheeler: “My favourite track is ‘Stay’. I wrote the lyrics with my son as the inspiration to them. That and the awesome riff in the verses. Plus the chorus rhythm guitars are cool and the bridge guitars are too.” 



In no more than 140 characters why should people check out your band and the new album?

“We have poured a lot into this album and have huge plans moving forward. We want to always progress and keep it interesting for our fans.”



2014 has come to a close what has been a highlight of that year for the band?

“We most likely all agree that there was a couple of moments we would call the highlights of 2014. The gig in Columbia South Carolina where over $500 came raining down on us by fans and the 2nd was the release of ‘Rediscover’ and all that went with that like the addition of Ricky Free.”



What does 2015 hold for the band?

“Well we are already working on some new music. We also plan to get back to playing some more original shows this year than we have in the past couple of years. We'll have Ricky Free opening up for us at these original shows with his solo stuff. We're looking forward to that. We are also really excited about the new music we want to release. We want to keep pushing ourselves and transforming who we are, what we do, and put out new material often that we love and something we know our fans won't say is a regurgitated sound.”



Any chance of a UK tour?

“Certainly on down the road it is something we would love to consider. We just have to make sure the timing is right for us as individuals and as a band.”



Describe band in three words.

“Ambitious, hard-working, funny.” 



You can get a hold of the new album via iTunes link at the bottom of the page. 


Keep up with The Armory via their Facebook and Twitter . 


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