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Set it Off - Dan Clermont - Interview

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Set it Off - Dan Clermont - Interview Gage Young

So a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Set it offs album ‘Cinematics’ as well as their debut album ‘Horrible Kids’. Find Links below:

‘Cinematics’ -
‘Horrible Kids’ -
But now I have something a little more exciting for you all, as Set it Off, head out on their first European tour including the UK with Yellow Card earlier next year. It seemed only fitting to catch up with guitarist Dan Clermont to see how excited they are about the tour.

How are you feeling about setting off on your first UK tour early next year?

‘We are all extremely excited for our first tour over there. It's always been a dream of ours to be able to perform in Europe, let alone supporting a band like Yellowcard. We've always had a high volume of requests from fans in the UK specifically to come over there, so we're glad it's finally happening. We can't wait!’

Are there any particular places in the UK you are excited to hit?

‘I'm very excited to see London, mainly because when I was younger I spent some time living in Stevenage and my mom would take my brother and I to London every weekend. So hopefully I'll see some places that I can recognize from my childhood.’

What are you most looking forward to about this tour?

‘Mainly just breaking out in the European market and getting in front of those kids. We've been touring the US and Canada pretty consistently since 2009 so we know what to expect from certain areas, but with the UK and Europe we have no idea what's coming for us, so it's definitely a new and exciting adventure for us.’

What should people expect from a 'Set it Off' show?

‘Expect a very high energy, emotional, in-your-face show. We do our best to give everyone that comes to see us, the most vividly painted picture of what these song are about. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that everybody leaves the show taking something away from it, whether it be a personal connection to a song or simply just having a great time going hard at a show.’

Why should people come and see you guys?

‘People should come out to see us because our shows give out a strong vibe that you're at a party. We love interacting with the crowd and it's just a never ending trade-off of us feeding off each others' energy.’

How did the album 'Cinematics' go down with the fans?

‘Cinematics is going over extremely well with our fan base. We feel like we set a strong tone of how we wanted to sound as a band with our previous release, Horrible Kids, so with Cinematics we just wanted to take that vibe and run with it with a very "sky's the limit" mentality. Not to mention it's our first full length, so a lot of long time fans were more than ready for it to come out.’
- How would you describe the new album?
‘Cinematics is a collection of songs that tell different stories based off of our personal experiences that we've gone through in life. With our lyrics and instrumentation we do our best to make it seem like you're watching a movie our looking at a painting to make sure that our listeners are taking those cinematic journeys with us.’

What three songs should people definitely check out on the new album?

‘I feel like we have a song on our album that can appeal to almost all crowds. I definitely would say "Swan Song", "Dream Catcher" and "Dad's Song".’

What do you prefer - the touring and gigging or the writing and recording process?

‘That's constantly changing haha, as soon as I hear we're going back in the studio I can't wait to get off the road and get in there to write and record. But once we finish recording I want everyone to hear it so I'm ready to be back on tour. My ultimate end game though is to be song writer/producer so I'll definitely go with the writing and recording process.’

As a band you are very open about the meaning of the songs and how personal they are to you. Is this something you as a band pride yourself on and something you have always wanted to share with your fans?

‘Yeah, we feel it's extremely important to be that open. These people spend their time and money supporting our band...the least we can do is give them a sense of how genuine our songs are.’

What artists or bands have influenced the band and sound?

‘We tend to reach out from all ends of the musical spectrum but a few big ones are Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Used, and on the classical end very much Beethoven, Frank Ticheli and Craig Armstrong.’

Where do you hope to and realistically see yourselves in 5 to 10 years time?

‘Hopefully still doing this but on a much larger scale. The song "Dream Catcher" is actually about us chasing our dream of hopefully being an arena-sized band playing to crowds of thousands of people.’

Describe the band in 3 words.

‘Off the wall.’

So make sure to check out Set it Off’s Facebook Also make sure to see them on the Yellow Card tour earlier next year!

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