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Blink 182 - Brixton Gig - Review

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It’s a funny thing to think, let alone class Brixton academy as a small club gig, when most bands wait their entire careers to play such a venue, but I possess when you are as big as Blink 182 anything smaller than an arena is … well small. 

Lower than Atlantis were first up and completely smashed their set, playing their well-known songs, as well as their new single which went down very well. From the way they played their set I’m sure they came away with more fans that night. 

As Blink 182 took to the stage the atmosphere of the whole venue changed as the anticipation and excitement grow. Blink had a fantastic set from beginning to end planning a great mixture of both new and older songs, which went down well with the crowd (I mean really … who doesn’t like an old classic every now and then!). 

There was also the nice touch of having an acoustic set half way through which really added to the of intimacy the show and changed up the whole performance. It’s also great to see that none of them have grown up or matured over the years, as they still share immature jokes between one another up on stage. 

Tonight Blink was on top form and really showed just how awesome they are! This was not a gig to be missed! 

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