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That Sunday Feeling - Music Video Review

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I have got another great alternative rock band for you this week! Aren’t you lucky? 

That Sunday feeling, are a four piece band from Nottinghamshire. Having now toured with bands like Octane OK, Attack! Attack! and the UK’s biggest pop rock act McFLY as well as going on their very own headlining tour in July/August and selling out 5 of the 9 dates clearly shows they have come far since forming early in 2010. 


Their most recent single came out last year and it is both a great song and video. 

The video starts with the lead singing being yelled at by someone and as the chorus comes in the band are seen to be playing in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and this continues with every chorus. There are also some dramatic shots of the band members and it finishes with the lead singer yelling the lyrics into the face of the person who yelled at him in the beginning of the video. All in all a brilliant video and it really added to the depth and emotion of the song. 

As for the song it starts subtlety with just the vocals and piano, it is then added to until it has a hard hitting chorus as the song goes on it builds and builds. 

This is a great band, fantastic song and brilliant video, which you should definitely checkout and make sure you like them on Facebook too as they are going out on tour soon, all the dates can be found on their page. 

the album and has a great use of different layers from being hard hitting to slower and calmer as it gets into the verses. ‘New Perspective’ is just such a powerful and energetic song. ‘Talk Is Cheap’ is the shortest but by far the heaviest song on the album. ‘No Wonder’ is another great song on the album and has some powerful lyrics. 

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