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PATRONS - Interview

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With the release of PATRONS self – titled EP earlier this year, I caught up with guitarist Mark Hoynes from the band to chat all things Patrons and to see what the rest of the year holds for the band!

I suppose first things first, as a band you have quite a style of your own, what influenced it?

“I think style is something that we're not too worried about or conscious of in all honesty! It's always a blank page when we write, between us we're in to a whole bunch of varying bands and artists; so maybe it's that diversity coupled with being geographically cut-off from the rest of the UK that allows us to be free of the usual 'trends' and 'styles' that seem so prevalent today. We're still finding our feet too, so I don't think it's something we've figured out yet! I suppose ultimately all we're wanting to do is write songs that we'd like listen to, and if other people are in to that, then awesome; we'll take that.


How do you and the guys go about your writing process?

“Usually it'll start with myself and Danny getting together and working on some initial ideas, once they're a little more developed we'll then take them in to the practice room and work on them as a band. Nothing's ever ruled out though, we're pretty keen to keep moving forward, progressing and trying new things. I don't think we'd be content with repeating ourselves! We're in the habit of demoing as often as we can, we find that can help quite a lot too.”


Are there any plans for a tour to support the new EP?

“Yes there are! You'll be able to find the full list of dates on our Facebook page; We'll see how it goes, but that'll probably be it then until later in the year!”


What do you guys prefer the writing and recording part of being in the band or the touring and playing shows?

“I think the only reason we exist as a band is so we can tour and play shows! You know, the writing and recording is all fun and we enjoy it, but ultimately we just want to get in the back of a van and meet as many new people in as many new places as possible. Playing live is the fun bit; getting the chance to bring the songs to life so to speak. Having said that, recording with James Bragg at Middle Farm was a real treat, it was like having a little holiday!” 


So what do you want to achieve in this band?

“Tours, tours and more tours! Like I said before, I think that’s the only goal; playing as many shows as we can! We’ve got some goals for this year, such as making it out to Europe, and releasing some more music. If we achieve those, then we’ll reassess I guess! I suppose other than that, if one person comes to a show and connects with a song or songs, then we’ve probably achieved all we have wanted to. Oh, and it’d probably be nice to be able to quit our day jobs… “


Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time and how do you think you will achieve it? 

“Hopefully, we’ll still be making music together and evolving as a band. I suppose we can only achieve that with a lot of hard work and determination. If we do achieve it though, it will probably because we kept having fun and enjoying ourselves; there’s always the danger that you could end up taking yourself too seriously…”


So if you had to give one reason for why people should listen to you what would it be?

“It would be because we love what we do and we do it because we love it. If you like loud, honest music, then hopefully we won’t disappoint.”


What's your favourite song off the EP and why? 

“I would have to say my favourite song off of the EP would be 'Little Victories'. It's the song that came to us the most naturally whilst writing the EP, and in turn has become the most satisfying song to play live. Personally, it turned out pretty much bang on how I wanted it to; I feel like it says all it needs to without going over the top. Probably the most concise reflection of our sound up to the present day! We also had fun putting together a video for it, it's knocking about on YouTube if you're the kind of person who's more into the visuals...”


Describe the band in three words...

“Hopefully; honest, passionate and loud!”


Keep up with PATRONS via their Facebook page at and their Twitter at


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