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Trash Boat - Interview

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New band on the block, Trash Boat are set to release their debut EP ‘Look Alive’ this June. So I caught up with the band to find out a little more about them and the new release. 

So why did you name yourself after an episode of the Regular Show?

“Well, to start with, I'm a massive fan of cartoons, particularly the ones that are written with older people in mind but masquerade as a kids cartoon. Regular Show is one of the strongest and most consistent cartoons out there, even the new episodes are sick and as far as cartoons go it's pretty pop punk! We spent so long arguing about the name of the band, we all kind of agreed that the name wasn't that important, but I 100% wanted to have at least a little back story or some kind of meaning behind the name, not just a word or phrase that we plucked out of thin air cos it sounded a little edgy or stereotypically pop punk. The episode 'Trash Boat' is when one of the characters watches an interview for his favourite band and the lead singer is asked "what's the secret to your success?", and he replies: '2 change..."I just picked 2 words at random and put them together...'The' and 'Urge'...'The Urge'. Once I did that, I BECAME THE COOLEST PERSON IN THE WOO0OOoO0O0ORLD!". Rigby then decides to do the same, he sees some trash and a picture of a boat and changes his name to Trash Boat......It had to be done really we had to call ourselves Trash Boat.”


How long did the writing and recording process for your EP ‘Look Alive’ take?

“We wrote the EP over the course of about 4 months. It was very spread out between each song as we didn't want to rush anything and put out something we weren't 100% happy with. I (Oakley) would first record a demo of a song idea I had and send it over to the rest of the guys then when we got together we would change bits we didn't like, this could sometimes be one little thing or the whole song. We did this same process for about 10 songs and chose our favourites before heading into the studio. We recorded the EP at Ranch Production House with Neil Kennedy. Took us four days to get the whole thing done and I think we couldn’t have asked for anything more, we are all so happy with how this EP has turned out and can't wait to hear what people think about it.”


Can you tell us a bit about ‘Look Alive’?

“I guess I'll try and break 'Look Alive' down song by song.....The whole EP is a reflection on the previous 3 years of my life, up to and including the present, the last thing I want is to sound like I'm preaching or moaning, but I also want to give honest answers. I went through some pretty drastic life changes over the course of the last 3 years, recovering from a lot of surgeries affected my life physically in a negative way, but mentally I couldn't be more thankful for it all really, I won't go into detail but I've learned lots about myself and the world while recovering and I'm pleased with the direction my life is heading. Cluttered is a mix of 2 concepts, it draws on some of the experiences over the last few years, but it's also a song about the 'love hate relationship' I have with song writing, there's so many different opinions out there you're never going to please everyone, someone's always going to hate your stuff and that can be kind of stressful. The one thing I want to make clear about Boneless is the use of past tense, it’s a pretty moan-y song but it's all about how I felt when I was at my lowest, I wrote it mainly as kind of a looking glass thing for me so I could see how far I've come and how different things are now. Gnarmalade is closer to the present, I guess it's leaning towards social commentary and it's definitely a style I'm going to be incorporating in future songs, but again it's kind of how the last 3 years helped push me towards me being more aware of more important issues. Lock-In is more concentrated, it's about 1 night in particular when I got a call from a mate of mine who was in a really bad way, he too had gone through some shit over the last few years, but he unfortunately lacked supportive friends and family. My friends and family are the biggest reason why I'm not a mess and it was really interesting (and awful at the same time) to see how different your life can be in that situation.”



What’s your favourite track on the EP and why?

“My (Oakley) favourite track from the EP right now would have to be 'Lock-In', I just think it packs a punch right from the start and it still gets stuck in my head from time to time. Every time I hear the EP my favourite track changes though, it's like choosing my favourite child.

My (Ryan) favourite track off the EP is ‘Cluttered sign’. I like the intro riff and the chorus very much, as well as the fast paced nature of the track. I’m also quite a fan of ‘Gnarmalade’ as it is a more fun song and slightly different sounding to our others!


It’s hard to pick a favourite track from an EP that’s so diverse. Each track has elements we love that other ones don’t have and each are great in different ways. For your catchy pop punk tunes or gnarly sing alongs it would have to be cluttered sign or boneless. For those with heavier tastes, Gnarmalade may be a favourite. However I think the general consensus is that Lock-in is the strongest track overall, both lyrically and musically. There’s so much to it texturally as well which we really have to thank Neil for as his input really helped fatten up the sound and make the leap between awesome and epic. On the other hand, it’s not got the infectious choruses of the first two tracks. Basically what I’m trying to say is I don’t know. Go listen to EP I guess!”


Why do you think people should listen to you?

That's a pretty difficult question to answer, we're not going to bull shit and say we're the next Sum 41 or anything like that or that people should listen to us because we're the best band in the world (people can come to that conclusion on their own)  It's that played out concept but it still stands...we're just 5 guys who love music and want to get out there and have as much fun as possible! If I were to think really hard for a reason it would be that we're not going to give up, there's a lot of bands out there who release an EP...don't get famous quit then fade away and do other stuff, it's really annoying when you're digging a band’s sound and they don't play any shows then they disappear. We're going to do our best to be relentless, as many shows as possible, merch, tours, hangouts, and all that stuff. Give us a listen... if people are liking what we're doing there will be plenty more of it.”


You have already achieved a lot in such a short space of time what’s next for the band?

"Achieve more. We’ve had a great start and a lot of support that we’re thankful for. Now we need to capitalise on that. I really just want to get our music out there as much as possible and play with as many bands as we can. Hopefully people will like what they hear, if not so be it, but we’re stoked either way. We just want to hit the ground running when our EP drops. It’s a very scary but exciting time right now.”


What do you want to achieve as this band?

“I guess as a band all I ever wanted to achieve was being in a position to provide as many people as possible with the good vibes I've been able to experience from so many of my favourite bands. Going to a live show and going mental to your favourite band is up there with the best experiences in my life, and if we could get to the stage where we could get a packed out room to go insane for our stuff then I'd be more than happy.”


Who influences you both as a band and individuals?  

“For me (Oakley) Blink have always been a huge influence, they were the reason I wanted to start a band and I've never looked back.”

“I (Ryan) enjoy going to shows and seeing my favourite bands so I guess it would be cool to see people digging our music and giving us a good reaction. Seeing any band I like live is inspiring as they all put on such great shows.”

“My (Tobi) influences depend on what you're asking about really, if you're asking what my influences are for the band in general, it's every live act I've ever enjoyed, the scene(s) have given me so much and I want to have fun giving something back. My influences as far as lyrics go? This EP was definitely a reflection of me, my past experiences and how they affected me and changed me. My future lyrics are going to draw from that but hopefully include some more social awareness, growth and most of all fun!”

“Basically, I (Dann) saw school of rock when I was a kid, went and got a guitar, realised I had to do this for the rest of my life. I can’t say for sure what influences me to be in a band, it’s just all I know. I just know I’d be nothing without music and my boys. Musically, I listen to anything. We’re all influenced by a lot of different things which I feel really helps with the writing process and we manage to come up with something pretty gnarly. For example I probably listen to more hardcore than oak, who probably listens to more pop punk than me, or ryan who listens to more 1975 than tobi who knows every fucking band who ever existed. The end result is an awesome mash up of all our styles. James just listens to mumford and crywanks.”


Are there any plans for a tour this year?

“It's tough for a band that is trying to establish themselves to get tours, as much as we would like them. At the moment we're trying to get together some DIY shows in a close enough range, just after our EP release, so that we can call it a tour, but as the band progresses we hope to be able to get as many solid tours in as possible.”


Describe the band in three words.

“Crappy pop punk”

Keep up with the band via their Facebook page and their Twitter page


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