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Winchester Rebel - 3 Sheets to the Wind - Album - Review

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Winchester Rebel is a Heavy Rock/ Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Sana Barbara, CA. They formed in August of 2009. The band is made up of Nick Hunt (vocals), Nick Fitzgerald (guitar), John Livergood (bass), James Longoria (guitar) and Barry Carter (drums).

When creating the band they wanted it to ‘echo some of the great hard rock bands of the 90s, while encompassing an original sound all their own.’ 

It’s clear to see that influences like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots are very visible on their debut album ‘3 Sheets to the Wind’ 

If you like heavy rock this is a good band for you as it has everything from the powerful drums to vocals that you would want from a band of this genre. 

You can listen to their music on their Facebook page at . You can also get their album from iTunes or get the physical copy from their store 

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