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Mind Museum - Interview

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Mind Museum have just released their new EP ‘One Blood’, so I caught up with the band to hear a little more about the new release!

You can check out the review of ‘One Blood’ here  http://www.shoutitloudreviews.com/index.php/music-news/item/337-mind-museum-one-blood-ep-review


What influences you both as a band and individuals? 

“Well we have our favourite bands, which have helped create the sound we have today. But we’ve learnt to be true to ourselves; don’t try to conform to a genre, play what feels natural. Don’t take it for granted as it can always come crashing down around you when you least expect it. Enjoy it, don’t let any negative feelings build up and don’t ever let it become a chore.”


Your new EP 'One Blood' has just been released, how do you feel? 

“It feels good. It took a pretty long time to make and now we’re generating interest slowly but surely, and we’ve had some real positive feedback about it, which is very humbling to hear especially when people are drawing comparisons to us with bigger, more established acts like Muse and Biffy Clyro.”


How has the EP gone down with the fans? 

“Ok we think… Pre-sales were good and we seemed to be getting a lot of positive feedback. We realise we can’t please everyone out there but we have some amazing fans that have really started to get behind us.”


Can you tell us a bit about 'One Blood'?

“6 Brand New tracks, packaged with 2 bonus acoustic tracks AND 2 special remixes.Alt-rock is a very broad term it plunders all the best elements associated with it; probing and often intricate guitar lines, soaring vocals delivering poignant lyrics, heavy back beats and driving base lines.”


Are there any plans for a tour in support of the new release?

“We can't wait to just get out on the road properly and get this record heard by as many people as possible. So if there’s anyone out there that wants to put us on please get in touch.”


What’s your favourite song on the EP and why? 

“That’s a tough one… To not be too controversial we will say all of them because we’re so passionate about this EP and we believe every track is favourite in some way or another.”


What do you want to achieve as a band?

“To be content and happy with what we have achieved so far as a band and to make the people that listen to our music keep listening.”


Do you have a fact about the band that the fan's don't know?

“We might quite possibly be your new favourite band....”


Why should people check out the new EP?

“We believe this new release underlines just how serious we are about what we do. The record is jam-packed with riffs and hooky cuts, layered with anthemic melodies and thoughtful up- tempo arrangements.”


Describe the band in three words

“Blood. Sweat. Tears.”


Be sure to keep up with Mind Museum via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mindmuseum and follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MIND_MUSEUM .  


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