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Something You Whisper - Interview

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Something You Whisper recently released their new EP ‘From The Other Side’ so I caught up with the band to find out a little more about them and what it was like working with Brent Allen and Devin Oliver from I See Stars!

What are your influences as a band?

“As a band, we all have our own individual influences that make us what we are. Some members have very different influences than others but that's what makes our chemistry when writing work! Some mutual influences for us are Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil.”


Why should people listen to 'From The Other Side'?

“People should listen to From The Other Side because it is a unique blend of heavy and melodic influences. It has a very wide array of sounds and styles worked together to complement each other. This EP shows our passion for music and demonstrates some strong song writing abilities, not to mention the lyrics are true and relatable to just about anyone.”


How do you differ from other bands?

“In our music, we focus on clean, melodic singing while maintaining a heavy vibe instrumentally. Most bands that are compared to us have the jobs reversed, with lots of screaming, and only leaving the singing for the choruses. We like heavy music but don't want to be a part of the over-saturation of these sorts of bands, so we utilize Wes' voice to keep it catchy through the whole song, and leave the screaming as accents.”


What was it like working with Brent Allen and Devin Oliver on the new EP?

“It was pretty awesome actually. We didn't know what to expect going into it, but they were really nice and had lots of great tips for us. It was just like hanging out with some buddies’ back home and just writing music. The two are really quite amazing at their crafts, whether it is Brent shredding up a storm or Devin making it rain with his voice. The best thing we learned from them, was to “cute the fat” off our songs, polishing and refining our songs to leave the best and most relevant components to a marketable and successful track.”


How does it feel to now finally have the new EP released?

“It is a relief to have it out! It has been awhile since we have put out an EP. The reactions so far have been great and the support is amazing! We are incredibly fortunate to have such amazing support from our fans.”


Can you tell us a bit about it?

“The EP is a six song EP. One of which is an acoustic version of the first track, ‘Who I've Become. A lot of time and effort went into the EP, to capture all emotions we had while writing it whether it be happy, sad, or angry. In the end we feel we brought together a well-balanced, energetic, head banging worthy piece of art that anyone can find something to enjoy in it!”


Do you prefer writing and recording or touring and playing shows?

“This is a tough one! Both have their ups and downs but in all honesty we can’t choose just one. Writing and recording is great because you sit there and write your heart out with your best friends. Seeing songs shape together from start to finish is an unbelievable experience. It can be frustrating at times, but well worth it in the end. Now touring on the other hand, oh man... It's just so much fun. From the time you leave until the time you get home! Living in a stinky van with some dudes that haven't had a full shower in weeks is the best. It's always an adventure, getting to meet new people and see the country! We like to stop and find random places to swim too so that's fun and relaxing. Although it can be stressful, being exhausted and having to drive stupid amounts after a show (especially in Western Canada), unleashing on stage and performing our music and seeing how it can affect people outweighs any but of stress we could have!”


What does the rest of this year hold for the band?

“Right now we are booking a few tours! One is just a short run at the end of this month to support our latest release. We are also looking to get ourselves into the states for some shows and exposure! We also have some more songs ready to release after this EP, so be on the lookout for more Something You Whisper in 2014!”


Keep up with Something You Whisper by liking their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at


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