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A World Defined - Interview

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With A World Defined’s new EP having been released, I caught up with the band to find out a little more about the band and the release. 

As a band what are your musical influences?

“We draw influences from everywhere which can be seen in our music. Anything from old favourites such as Thrice and Underoath to artists such as The Neighbourhood. You can hear a lot of blues driven guitars in our songs, which shows how many different genres we get inspiration form.”


Why should people listen to you?

“The music we write appeals to a wide range of people, no matter what kind of music they listen to, there is something for everyone. We get put on a mixture of line-ups, anything from Hardcore shows to pop-rock and we always gain new fans and go down well.”


How do you differ from other bands?

“We appeal to a wide range of audiences. We try not to pigeon hole ourselves, so we can write what we enjoy and get to experiment with different sounds. It also gives us the opportunity to play with such a variety of bands.”


Where do you hope and realistically see yourselves in 5 to 10 years’ time?

“Well we have already started writing for an album that we will begin to record at the tail end of this year. I think it is always important to constantly set goals to reach which we do on a bi-annual basis. We have the opportunity to play Hit The Deck this year, so in 5 years' time, it would be great to be in the position of bands such as Kids In Glass Houses and The Blackout, who have had such an impact on the UK alternative scene.”


Can you tell us a little bit about the new mini album?

“'In Absence' is not something we rushed. We took time and effort writing songs that would fit together to create a cohesive release, yet with each track being different and showing the wide array of influences we take on board. For instance 'June', the opening tack, is a fast tempo more produced track, whereas 'Gild The Lilly' is a very simple raw track with minimal production involved.


Any plans for a tour coming up?

“Touring is something we love doing and we are currently in the process of confirming tours for late spring and summer so keep an eye out!!”


Do you have a fact about the band that the fans don’t know?

“Not really a fact, but wise words more than anything: Do not go to the seafront of Plymouth at 1 in the morning, you'll not doubt be as shocked as we were, it can't be unseen. But to be fair, don't go to any seafront at 1am thinking it would be a great place to park up and sleep for the night, they tend to attract the most unusual of people.


Describe the band in three words.

“Raw, Passionate, Energetic.” 


Be sure to like A World Defined Facebook Page at and follow them on Twitter at


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