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You Had Me At Hello - Interview

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You Had Me At Hello are just about the hit the road on tour and will soon be releasing their new album so I thought, why not catch up with front man Nathan Gill. 

As a band what are your musical influences?

“On a whole I'd say that bands like My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Paramore play a fairly key role in keeping us all motivated towards song writing. Also I’d like to give a shout out to J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr.”


Why should people listen to you?

“People should listen to us if they like us. We are a band that like many other bands plays our music because we enjoy it, I'd listen to us if I had just found us somewhere on the Internet or if I'd just seen us play. If we all enjoy our music as four guys with differing opinions on what music should and should not be then I’m sure there’s a few people out there in the world that will enjoy what we do.”


How do you differ from other bands?

“A lot of bands don’t shock me when I see them or hear them. You have to be something special nowadays to be noticed. I see so many pop punk bands go through the motions time and time again. There were so many promising beginnings for pop punk with bands like Superchunk and The Get Up Kids. If you want to make an impact on people at shows you have to go back to these roots and actually listen to what made the genre great in the first place. I’m not saying anything disrespectful to the sound but a lot of bands sound like they are trying to be You Me At Six. It's tried and tested and works. But we aren’t going to fall for this.”


How did your new single ‘This World Forgot to Save Us’ go down with the fans?

“This World is a stepping-stone for us as a band. Amongst fans back home they have grown tired of old material that they have over heard, so it's been nice for old fans to see something new and see that once again we have the ball rolling. The pop punk scene in West Yorkshire has died down in recent times and we aren’t going to try and kick start it with this song but people have shown a genuine interest towards it and we have had pretty positive feedback across the board.”


How does it feel to soon be releasing your new debut album ‘spirals’ ?

“Releasing 'Spirals' means a lot to us. As a collective we have been through a lot of shit. Some stuff you couldn’t make up. So a lot of our thoughts and expressions from the past six or seven years come together in this album. We have revolved it around a crazy idea we had about two galaxies colliding and there being two opposing forces. With one side wanting to basically annihilate the other. You can take this literally. And try to perceive us as creating some skyfy adventure for your ears. Or you can listen closely and feel that we have grown as musicians and as songwriters. We are proud to call this our first album. I don’t think we could have done it any better for ourselves. 


Can you tell us a little bit about the new album?

“There’s hopefully going to be a comic book to accompany the album at some point in the future. We are into comics and animae so we thought fuck it lets make a comic book with characters that are linked to ourselves. One of the songs on the album called ‘Build The Rest Of Me’ it’s about an idea for Jason losing his arm in a battle. So in the comic Jason can be half man and half robot. 


What does this year hold for the band?

“This year holds some pretty cool stuff for us. We have more music videos and have a few ideas about how we would like them. We are thinking of having one video animated rather than having us just play in it. We also have a crazy idea about building a space ship for our live shows. Kind of like the one that The Flaming Lips have on UFO’s At The Zoo. This is obviously a ridiculous idea but we do punch above our weight.”


You’re hitting the road in March, what can fans except from a You Had Me At Hello show?

“In March I think you can expect four happy guys on stage. I’m going to say some stupid stuff 'cos I always do. But I think we put a smile on people’s faces when we play. We definitely have our own thing going on onstage, and are renowned for being very energetic. You will see it if you come to one of the shows!”


Do you have a fact about the band that the fans don’t know?

“We have a thousand things we could tell you, picking one is quite problematic. In fact sitting here thinking is hurting my brain but I'd probably say me Adam and Jason all have the same tattoo. It’s a music note with headphones and wings. But it's shaped like a golf club so everyone thinks we are pro golfers!”


Describe the band in three words.

“Intergalactic Space Pimps.”


You can keep up with the band via their Facebook page at and their Twitter at


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