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As It Is - Interview

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As, ‘As It Is’ EP release comes very close I caught up with the band to find out a little more about them and the EP!

As a band what are your musical influences? 

“We all grew up on the pop punk and emo bands of the late nineties and 00's. Bands like Blink 182, Green Day and Taking Back Sunday but then have tried to incorporate newer bands like The Wonder Years as well.”


Why should people listen to you? 

“Because even though we're pop punk we're looking to be something you haven't heard before.”


How do you differ from other bands? 

“We're not just your standard pop punk band. We're aiming for our own style and sound within the genre, we write what we want and try not to follow trends.”


What does this year hold for the band?

“Lots and lots of shows. We're looking to really build a good name for ourselves by putting in the hours touring.” 


How did it feel to get so much support via your kickstarter?

“It was truly incredible. We were honestly shocked at the amazing level of support we received. To think that so many people were willing to pledge money for an EP that wasn't even written yet, to see the level of belief people had in us was phenomenal.”


How do you feel about the release date of your new EP coming ever closer? 

“Excited. We can't wait for people to hear it. That's why we've tried to put up online as much of it as we can so soon. We're super proud of it.”


Can you tell us about the EP? 

“It's 4 tracks of emo infused pop punk. We really pushed ourselves to write the best songs we ever have. We locked ourselves away in our singer's parents and just jammed out, pushing each other’s ideas to their full potential.”


Any plans for a tour coming up? 

“We are heading round the UK next week on our first proper UK tour. After that, in April we're looking to play a few more UK dates that we weren't able to play on this run of dates as well as head out to mainland Europe for the first time.”


Do you have a fact about the band that the fans don’t know? 

“Half the band support Chelsea football club, 1 don’t really care and 1 thinks you throw a football.”


Describe the band in three words. 

“Transatlantic pop-punk.”


Be sure to keep up with ‘As It Is’ by liking their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asitisofficial or following them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/asitisofficial .



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