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Villains - Interview

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So I caught up with Villains before they went on stage in London to find out a little more about the band and there future endeavours.


What are your musical influences both personally and as a band? 

Renz (Singer) “ For me personally I am a huge Taking Back Sunday fan, they are my favourite band of all time . Nivera were the first band that kind of really got me into music. So Taking Back Sunday and Nivera are my main ones, don’t know about the rest of the guys. 

Tom (Guitar): ‘At The Drive in, Faith No More I am a big fan of, and Block Party just all kinds of stuff really it just chances. Every couple of months I really get into an other kind of music that I haven’t listen to before, it’s constantly evolving”

Bert (Bassist) “ That’s the same with me, I like Brand New and things like that. On the way up here I ended up buying the new ‘Now’ album. A lot of pop princess all over the place, not only my thing but I like to have a dance to it every so often. 

Renz: “Basically Jessy J is our biggest influence!”

Bert: “As a band I would say it’s everything we have said.”

Drew (Drummer) “We take all our influences and try and put them together. We all have really different tastes in music but it works well.”


So why should people listen to your band? 

Renz: “Because we are the best band ever created essentially and we can stop the interview there BOOM, DONE! I don’t know … Villains is a cool name that’s a good reason! If you like the music listen to it. 

 Drew: We are just trying to do something a little bit different. We are not actively trying to do something different but from our different influences and how they are put together, naturally we do something you aren’t going to hear anywhere else.”

Renz: “We get a bit weird, don’t we? We try and play rock music and then we get weird.  Our hookey guitar parts and that. Listen for the hookey guitar parts! 


So tell us about you new image and why you changed your name?

Renz “I don’t think we have a new image really, we dress a bit smarter now but I think that’s because we have grown up a bit.”

Bert: “I think that’s just with age, I think that’s because we were dirty little grebows before that!”

Renz: “Yeah! With our Linkin Park hoodies and stuff like that.”

Bert: “Now a day’s we have just matured a bit and decided that we are not going to get girlfriends if we dress like 16-year- olds anymore.”

Renz: “With the name change we just kind of fancied a changed with the music kind of. We were a bit heaver with ‘Now Means Maybe’.

Bert “We just didn’t want to get labelled being the same band. With a completely different style of music.

Renz: “It’s kind of a fresh show!”

Drew: “It seems appropriate to change the name with the new music. 

Bert: “We had achieved everything we wanted to achieve with ‘Never Means Maybe’. We all set out saying we want to do this and we want to do that and the majority of the stuff we completely achieved. We ended up doing some of the biggest festivals in the UK and travelled to Europe. We never did an album; we did EP’s and stuff like that. We have the new album coming out with Villains and that’s like every box for myself ticked that we wanted to do.”


Would you say you just grow out of that band? 

Bert: “I think so yeah, we had done it for a long time. We did it for six or seven years.”

Renz: “The last single we did as ‘Never Means Maybe’ should never really have been a ‘Never Means Maybe song, it should have been a Villains song. There was no screaming stuff in it. It sounds cliché but it was kind of an organic kind of thing.  It stopped being so heavy and now we play more radio friendly music?”


So you have released your new debut single ‘Come Out and Play’ how has it gone down with the fans so far?

Renz: “Yeah, it seems to have gone down very well. It’s a lot different to our old stuff. People have been downloading it.

Drew: “We have had a good reaction from it. People seem to like it, so we are happy. We are giving it away for free as well. So it’s easy for people to get a hold of and listen to it to see what they think. 

Renz: “It’s like a stop gap to our proper next single; we have done a video for it. It’s a song for ‘The Fall’ from our album. It’s a thing that will hopefully tide people over until that comes out at the end of the year. 


What do you want to achieve as this band?

Renz: “For me personally it would be lovely to make a living out of it, that’s all I’m aiming for. Anything else is a massive bonus! 

Bert: “I would love to tour Europe again! I would love to be able to get away over there; they treat us so well out there. Obviously would like to get a bit of music in the shops because as Never Means Maybe that was something we never did.  Get the music out there and get back of the circuit and the festival circuit again. Just get gigging! 

Tom: “I want to really enjoy the album, get as much enjoyment listening to this album as I have listening to other bands albums. Take some inspiration from it that would be the biggest achievement. 

Renz: “My favourite thing about being in a band is just like how much you can affect people’s lives.”

Bert: “We don’t even realise it does.”

Renz: “I will never forget we got a message from some dude in Chilli who bought an old Never Means Maybe EP and he was saying we were his favourite band and all this. How does something we wrote in our bedroom in our pants affect this dude in Chilli. It’s crazy to me! 


So your new self-titled album comes out early next year what can fans expect?

Bert: “Something different.”

Drew: “Something people haven’t heard before. It’s got a good mix of tracks on it we have some high pasted stuff; high energy and then we have our lower side where we have a bit of groovy guitar and a bit of piano. 

Renz: “There’s more arrangement on this album, than our previous stuff. More verity and better music.

Bert: “A little bit of a journey as well. Everyone loves a bit of a music journey, listening to it from start to end. So hopefully we get to put that across as well. 


Where do you realistically and hope to see yourselves in 5 to 10 years’ time?

Renz: “O2 or rehab! Go large or go home I would say personally.”

Drew: “It’s pretty much impossible to say.”

Renz: “We are so close; I think we will still be playing music. The whole reason we play music is because we love playing music. So even if no one likes us and everyone hates us we would probably still be playing music together because we really enjoy it. Is that really cheesy? Yeah, that is really cheesy!

Drew: “Once we release the album, we can gage how that’s gone down and next we are going to try and push as hard as possible, as many shows as possible, we will try and get our names out there and then we will see. I agree with you (Renz) we will always play music together, regardless of what happens. The main thing is, is that it’s what we love to do and we will carry on doing it.”


So what does next year hold for the band? Will there be a lot of touring?

Renz: “That’s the plan I believe!”

Drew: “The plan is to get out to as many people.”


Describe the band in three words. 

Bert: “Fit as Fuck!”

Renz: “Can we swear?”

Shout it Loud: “Yes, you can swear if you like.”

Renz: “He’s the man with it, he’s the man with it! I can’t add to that!

Bert: “I think that works.”

Renz: “I can’t think of a way to better that personally! Original, handsome and good live! Live act! ”

Bert: “Terrible!”

Renz: “I am really steading the barol, you smashed it with you first answer mate!” 


Be sure to keep up with all things Villains until then by liking their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at


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