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Borderline:FIRE - Interview

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So I little while ago now the site reviewed Borderline:FIRE new EP which you can see here , So I thought you not find out a little more about this band! See the interview below.

What are your musical influences for the new EP? 

“We have a wide range of influences from Metal, to hard rock, and then from dance to dubstep and some pop. We say It’s kind of like if you took Biffy Clyro and Enter Shikari and mixed that with YMA6 and maybe even Skrillex, we are somewhere in the middle of all of these.” 


Why should people listen to your band? 

“Tempted to go all Kanye on it and say because we are the best band in the world but instead: really I think because we are a band that have thrown every ounce of energy into producing our music, we have written music which we think is unique and if you are into rock we would expect you to enjoy what we do.” 


What can fans or new listeners expect from the new EP? 

“Lots of upbeat and heavy riffs mixed with big Synth sounds and melodic vocals. Music you can jump around to and with melody you can sing along to.” 


What do fans not know about the band, that you think they should know? 

“Most people assume that we have a lot of backing such as management, booking agents and even labels, but still to this day we have done everything off our own backs with our own money.” 


How are you feeling having just released your new EP? 

“Pretty relieved. It's been over 2 years of hard work to get to this point. Also a bit empty as it has left a hole which we will now fill with our next upcoming project.”


How has it go down with the fans?

“It's gone down brilliantly. What's been great from our point of view is that it seems like there isn't one song that everyone thinks is the best one. This kind of shows us that we have written music that is great for a diverse audience.” 


Describe the band in three words? 

“Determined, energetic & promising” 


What does this year hold for the band? 

“Now we have released our EP, lots and lots of gigs, we will hopefully bring out a couple more music videos, and we are already writing and aiming to record a follow up EP for late summer next year, which we are already extremely excited for.”


Where do you realistically and hope to see yourselves in 5 to 10 years’ time? 

“The honest answer is we don't know. We have never put a limit on what we think we could achieve. By that point we would love to be touring worldwide and leaving our stamp on the international rock scene for sure!”


Be sure to like Borderline: FIRE Facebook page at and follow then on Twitter at


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