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Cold Summer - Interview

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Cold Summer have just released their Self – Titled album so I though why not catch up with the band and see how things are going! 


What are your musical influences for the new album?

"Well individually we have diverse influences but collectively some common ground we all share as well. 

There's a few bands I'd cite that we've all listened to since we were first getting into playing music and are also still putting out new music to date. Well I think the deftones are a good starting point as they've managed throughout their career to evolve as a band, that's something that really inspires us even though we're obviously in our early stages. 


We like a few bands like A Perfect Circle, Filter, He Is Legend that have a huge sound on their records without being too generic. I think evident in our sound is a bit of a nod to 90s and early 2000 post hardcore / emo bands like texas is the reason, quicksand, sunny day real estate, poison the well, norma jean, since by man, thursday, alexisonfire, thrice, vaux (sorry exhaustive list!) as well as a few bands that kind of revive that style but put a new twist on it like end of a year who we've opened for, touché amore, la dispute, make do & mend and balance & composure.


 I think compared to what's perhaps currently tagged under those genres, again not sounding too 'American' well a few of the British mainstays like hundred reasons, hell is for heroes, funeral for a friend. I'd say as again that's amongst the stuff we've grown up listening to.


Diversity is quite a key we all like hardcore bands that maybe play a little faster / aggressive than we do, I’m a big fan of converge, they have their quieter moments that I certainly draw inspiration from as well as post-rock / shoe gazey type stuff that I think inspires  'Wake' and 'A Is For Arson' as we have some instrumental parts there. I'm a big fan of bands like Russian circles, Pelican, ISIS & Deafheaven so I think that shows another side to our band when we have some more progressive / instrumental passages that make up our tracks.


I’m covering quite a bit of ground but I have to say in terms of song writing, stripping things down, well Dan’s a big fan of Green Day and Rise Against so they've influenced us as well as bands like foo fighters, nirvana. When we rehearse and travel together we share bands we're currently listen to with each other too."


Why should people listen to Cold Summer

"For us I’d have to say I think it’s because we are trying to do our own thing. It's honestly very difficult to fully substantiate a claim of ‘originality’ when you’re a four piece rock band, as I would love to say that as the intention is there from us to push what we do. There is however only so much you can do without falling into traps of perhaps being pretentious so it edges away from the purpose of writing good songs. I think intentionally we are trying to certainly do our own thing, we keep things quite raw and we're passionate about it. I think people would be intrigued by what we're trying to do. We don't particularly wear some influences as much on our sleeve and creating an element of surprise. I think if people listen to the album all the way through, for me it works cohesively but at the same time we've tried hard to keep things interesting and non-repetitive by spending a lot of time working on songs as opposed to following the same formula when approaching writing."


What can fans or new listeners expect from the debut album?

"People I think who've seen us from the start will certainly see that we released a few of those songs on our previous Wake  EP, but we felt like the stuff we'd been on with writing fitted in so it made sense to release it as a full length so the 'old' songs will hopefully be in a new light with new surroundings. I think newer listeners are getting a broad introduction but I think it will hopefully give them something positive to take away as well as hopefully something different to what they usually listen to."


How are you feeling having just released your debut album?

"Well quite motivated in currently writing some new music to add to what we've got. We're getting quite heavy into that at the moment as we did play a good chunk of shows between April and July to support the release, which were fun and with quite a few diverse bands too. We don't intentionally take a break from writing but I think when you're busy playing shows it doesn't get the full attention it deserves and we're keen to of course play loads of shows but we want to have a strong foothold in writing a follow up before the year is out."


How has the response from your fans been?

"Pretty positive I guess, they've seen we've spent a lot of time writing the songs and have played everything pretty much live before committing it to tape so I think it's cool they've hopefully heard a lot of these songs live in an even rawer form before hearing the studio work we did with Bob Cooper. We seem to be getting a few new people to check us out and reaching some new audiences like the other night we played with the blitz kids and have to say that was playing to younger audience than wed usually but people seemed to enjoy it even though they haven't heard of us before."


What is your favourite song from the album and why?

"I love Car Crash (In Progress) it was the most fun to write and it's the most fun to play live, seriously first song I’d show anyone how to play drums to, given the opportunity."


What do you want fans to take from the new album?

"I think Dans lyrics have the intention to inspire people whether that could mean to make a needed change in their life or to battle on through something they are going through, there's a positive message amongst it and we hope people take something positive from the album."


What do fans not know about the band, that you think they should know?

"Well I think occupations outside the band away from music would be something people don't know so we'll go with that! Dan is a head chef, Chris (Bass) is studying a doctorate in energy conservation, Chris (Guitar) is a teaching assistant and I am a golf service supervisor at a hotel."


Describe the band in three words

"Passion, Fury, Energy"


What do you want to achieve as a band?

"We just want to put out solid releases, it's something we want to be more prolific at and keep pushing our boundaries, feels like we get the best out of us doing that. We'd love to travel more too I think playing to as many new people as possible!"


Are there any plans for a UK tour?

"At the moment we haven't any plans in place to tour full time before the end of 2013 we've had various last minute offers but we've had the obstacles of full time work to overcome but we certainly want to, it defiantly feels like we are in a position where we can do one now we've released the album so I'm sure in 2014 we'll be out on the road more extensively, as strange as it maybe we've had a tour offer from a booking agent in the Netherlands so it would be quite weird doing a tour there before we've even got out there in our own country!"


What does 2013 hold for the band?

"We've hopefully got a few shows to finish our year off and I think the next couple of months we're concentrating on writing, it would be nice if the shows in Europe can pull off as wed have quite a new set to be playing where we can mix the old and the new songs about."


Be sure to keep up with the band by visiting their Facebook at and their Twitter . If you want to you can also check out the review of their album here


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