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Blank Parody - A Tension - EP - Review

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Blank Parody have released their debut EP ‘A Tension’! 

The West Midlands based alternative rockers, Blank Parody have released their debut EP ‘A Tension’, following a year of writing and recording. The EP was produced by Jim Pinder (Fightstar/Bullet For My Valentine) and mastered by Geoff Pesche (Pulp) at Abbey Road. 


See the track list for ‘A Tension’ below: 


- Dark Pretenders

- Still Stuck Here

- Thickened Pulse

- Marching Through The Smoke

- Underachiever 

- Snakes


Blank Parody have released a great EP featuring influences from the alternative rock scene and Britpop creating a record and sound they can very much call there own. 


The addition of distorted guitar, infectious melodies, and catchy lyrics makes for a release that is ready for you to keep hitting that replay bottom and you’re not going to want to miss a moment on this EP! 


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