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Elder Abuse Have Dropped Their New EP 'Burnt'

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Winnipeg, Canada-based punk rockers, Elder Abuse have dropped their new EP 'Burnt'!

The four piece formed in 2012 and features ex-member of Daggermouth. 

When talking about the writing and recording process of 'Burnt' the band said: "It was long but fun. We spent a lot of time couped up in an old farmhouse studio."

They went on to say: "I think first and foremost the record is about growth and experiences. Our band has gone through a lot since 2012, personally, professionally, both individually and as a group of friends. A lot of our reality was poured into 'Burnt', which may sound cheesy, but it’s true."

Elder Abuse also went on to discuss their artwork for the record: 

"The artwork is based on an old kids roadway play mat. We wanted to work in a bit of humour and dark reality to something that was beautiful and simple. Patrick did a great job!"

You can watch Elder Abuse's video for their single 'Lemonade' here

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