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Autocatalytica Have Released Their Second LP

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Brooklyn-based quartet Autocatalytica have released their second LP, a massive 16-track effort, entitled 'Vicissitudes'!

Autocatalytica's formed as a solo project in 2009, Eric Thorfinnson has always drawn inspiration from a vast collage of different artists ranging from the Mars Volta to Bjork to Devin Townsend to 20th century composer Bela Bartok. Upon moving to Boston to study at Berklee in 2010, Thorfinnson recruited guitarist Erik Sorensen, Drummer Emmett Ceglia, and bassist Jon Anderson. 


Over the next few years, the band gained steam in the Boston metal underground and in April of 2012 released its debut EP, ‘Horror Vacui’. After some line-up changes and relocating to Brooklyn later that year, they began writing the follow up, self-titled LP, ‘Autocatalytica’. On the heels of this release in 2014, they proceeded to tour the east coast of the US to much acclaim.


In mid-2015, due to a host of reasons including issues with his visa, Thorfinnson made the decision to return to his native Toronto, Canada later that fall. However, this was not to be done before completing the writing and recording of their 2nd LP, Vicissitudes. On October 22nd, 2015, guitarist Erik Sorensen tragically passed away after the sudden onset of an undiagnosed heart condition, less than a month away from what was to be the band's final show. The remaining members, left absolutely heartbroken, soldiered on to complete the album. The release of Vicissitudes marks the end of the current chapter of Autocatalytica, but Thorfinnson has no plans to fully discontinue the project, leaving the future open for a new incarnation.


"With this record, we went for more of a concise songwriting approach, really trying to hone in on the ideas that drive our songs while trimming the fat," states the front-man, guitarist, and producer, Eric Thorfinnson. "Ironically that lead to there being more songs here than our previous two records combined, albeit mostly of lesser length" continues drummer, Emmett Ceglia. 


You can get your hands on the record via their Bandcamp page as Name your price. 


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