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Tempting Heights - Be The Light - EP - Review

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Punk rockers, Tempting Heights are back with their second EP ‘Be The Light’! 

After the success of their self - titled EP, the band recruited drummer Kevin O' Connor, to help write and create the bands next release.  After playing shows to support the last EP, the band travelled to Montgomery, New York, to record with John Naclerio, who has worked with bands such as My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Midtown, and others.  The end result is ‘Be The Light’, a collection of 5 songs, see the track list below: 


- Safety is my Goal

- Demons

- Nothing

- Kick Kick

- Be The Light


‘Be The Light’ is a step up from their already excellent debut self-titled EP, that showcases a slightly heavier and well put together record, give the band a unique edge. This is a catchy as hell release from the band with guitar riffs that will be stuck in your head for days, raw and empowered vocals and heart on your selves lyrics that are ready to sing at the top of your lungs!


Tempting Heights continue to grow with every release! This is a band that you need to start getting to know and this is the record to do just that! 


Keep up with Tempting Heights via their Facebook and Twitter.  

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