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The Grape & The Grain Have Released Their New Album ‘Holy Rollin’!

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The Grape & The Grain have released their new album ‘Holy Rollin’!

Hailing from Hudson Valley, NY have released their of their new album ‘Holy Rollin’ on the 28th October.  


‘Holy Rollin' was engineered and mixed by D James Goodwin who owns and operates The Isokon Studio in Woodstock, NY. Goodwin (who actually plays saxophone on the album as well) has helped push the band's sound to a new and exciting place. Lead singer and songwriter Daniel Grimsland states:


“Making this record was a whole new experience for all of us. We recorded most of it live, all playing in the same room together. So a lot of what you are hearing are full performances. None of us had made a record like that before, but we had the songs tight, and D. James Goodwin has such a comfortable, and creative spot up there in the mountains of Woodstock, that we fell right into it. We set out to make a record that felt and sounded different from the last one. New band, new studio, new sound. I'm very lucky and excited to have three other singer/multi-instrumentalists/songwriters in the band with me now. They all have so much to bring to the table, I can't wait to see what happens next.” 


Keep up with The Grape And The Grain via their Facebook and Twitter . 


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