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The Comfort - Love - EP - Review

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Brisbane alternative rock duo, The Comfort have released their new EP ‘Love’!

The Confort’s released their debut EP ‘Ghosts’ in February 2015, now the band are back with their newest EP ‘Love’.  Along with this the band have also released their newest single ‘Your heart’. 


"Your Heart is about being so infatuated with someone that the feeling is indescribable. You can use thousands of metaphors and analogies, but no words come close to pin pointing how and why you love them," said guitarist and vocalist, Liam Homles.


Both boys believe the best way to accurately portray these feelings is through art and more directly, song and poetry.


"The song is entirely woven with lines from an E.E. Cummings poem that I actually have engraved on a watch which I was given by my partner," said bassist and vocalist, Dom Harper.


Watch the video for ‘Your Heart’ here


‘Love’ is an excellent release from the band that showcases a number of styles and sounds from the outfit.  With the likes of ‘Dysphasia’, Your Heart’ and ‘forgive. Accept. Love.’ Have a much slower, stripped back and a very emotive sound, then the likes of ‘Love & other Drugs’ that has a much heavier sound that has a touch of Bring Me The Horizon’s newer sound on it. 


Over all this is a brilliant release from The Comfort that conveys the emotion perfectly with their 00’s to early 10’s sound, giving this record a reminiscent style, while very much staying modern and unique. 


This is a band that is definitely worth getting to know! 


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