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Holy White Hounds - Interview

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We caught up with Ambrose from Holy White Hounds to find out more about their debut album ‘Sparkle Sparkle’. 


How are you?  

Ambrose: I'm doing pretty well. As we speak, I'm taking a break from packing and getting ready for another short tour we're about to go on.



You are about to release your debut album 'Sparkle Sparkle', can you tell me a little bit about the release? 

A: “‘Sparkle Sparkle’ is an album that we've been working on for a while. We started tracking back in late 2012 at a studio in Des Moines called the Sonic Factory. We then self-released an EP called Oh Mama back in 2013 that had some of the songs on our forthcoming LP.  Shortly after that we met our managers and they really helped us escalate and push ourselves to be in the fortunate position we are in today. Now we have our label (Razor and Tie) and our bookers (Pinnacle) helping us do some exciting things.”



What has influenced your sound and style for the record?  

A: “Brent and I have been writing music together off and on for about 11 years. We've taken our influences from a lot of sources, anything from the pop punk we listened to in school, to paintings and movies we like now. We're not really the best at channelling our muse. Sometimes we sit down to write something more poppy and end up getting something Sabbath-esque, or we try to write a grunge song and end up with something more alternative.”



Do you have a favourite track on the release, if so, what is it and why?

A: “Probably ‘Switchblade’ because it was the song that we collaborated the most on and it's still a blast to play. Plus, it's our single so that never hurts.”



What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

A: “Brent and I did the majority of writing on ‘Sparkle Sparkle’. It was all across the board as far as the process goes. Sometimes we'd collaborate. Sometimes one of us would have most of a song done and we'd just contribute notes here and there. Or someone would finish the whole song and just show the rest of the band what the parts are. We don't have a very strict work ethic, so it's hard to fit it in a mold. We try to just make sure that we enjoy the song when we're done with it.”



What can fans expect from one of your live shows?

A: “We like to have a lot of fun at our live shows and just let loose. Our drummer, Seth, is a beast to watch and has this mane of Scar-esque hair, so when he's driving some beat it's epic. Then we have James, our other guitar player, who has a great stage presence. We take our music seriously but don't take ourselves too seriously. So for the most part our live shows are fun, hopefully, as much for the crowd as they are for us.”



Where do you see yourselves in five to ten years time?

A: “As long as I'm not pushing up daisies and still playing music with my brothers I don't really care where I'm at in five to ten years.”



Describe the band in three words.

A: “Fuzzy, filthy, fun.”



What are you most looking forward to this year?

A: “The fact that I get to see the country with my three best friends, while doing what we love.”

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