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Kindler - Interview

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Asheboro, NC three piece, Kindler have released their new LP ‘Cosmic Revelations’, so we decided to catch up with lead vocals and bass, Cameron to find out more about the bands debut LP. 

How are you?

“We are doing great! We've been working really hard on our music and upcoming shows, so we're staying busy.”



You have released their debut album, can you tell me a little bit about the release?

“ This is our first full length album as a band, and it is quite a milestone. The collection of songs represents every side of Kindler's creativity, from high energy, upbeat prog rock to epic works that take you on a journey to quiet, introspective pieces.  It's also entirely self-produced. We recorded everything and we mixed everything. The only exception is the mastering, which was done by Bob Katz.”



What has influenced your sound and style as a band?

“Musically speaking, all three of us grew up listening to classic prog bands like Yes, Rush, King Crimson, and others. As we've gotten older, we have branched out, taking heavy influence from bands like Karnivool,  Mastodon, Thrice and Opeth, as well as many bands outside of our home genre, so to speak.” 



You recently released your single 'Light and Ash', how has it gone down with your fans?

“Our fans have loved it! It was a favourite at live shows before we released the recording. The music video has been very well received, too, which was made in collaboration with Jack Pennington, our favourite filmmaker. We really enjoyed experimenting with light and shadow in that music video, and Jack came out of it with an amazing product, as always.” 



What is your favourite track from the album and why?

“My favourite song has got to be the title track: ‘Cosmic Revelations’. The concept for this song is great: a man launches himself into space, and ends up orbiting Saturn, shoots himself back down to earth and begins preaching his new space philosophy. We got to do a lot of fun things compositionally to play into that story, like a lengthy middle section filled with synths and reverb and space to symbolize the main character floating through space, and fading in the noise floor from an amp with the volume turned all the way up to represent the spaceship's engines rev-ing. It was so much fun to write and record!”



What can fans expect from your new release?

“We like our music to be powerful, to envelope you, to take the listener on a journey. I think the music on this album does just that. Fans can expect a listen through the whole album to be a memorable experience.”



Why do you think people should check you out as a band?

“We love what we do. That comes across in every aspect of our music.  We write and perform from our hearts, enjoying every moment of it, and that is extremely infectious.”



Describe the band in three words.

“Prog Rock Slayage.”



What does 2016 hold for the band?

“We are extremely excited about 2016. We will be embarking on a long collaboration with Jack Pennington, in which we will be scoring short films that he will be filming and directing. These will be released via Kindler performances, and will be compiled at the end of the collaboration into a CD/ DVD package. We will also be back on the road playing shows!”

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