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BoyMeetsWorld Interview and Review

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So I have a new band for you today all the way from the Cincinnati, Ohio. BoyMeetsWorld are a pop rock band who formed last year.  (Yes! I know what you are all think wasn’t that a 90’s TV show, well yes it was! But let’s keep it focused guys!) 


The band is made up of Craig Sulken (Vocals), Brad Sulken (Bass), Ryan Sulken (Drums), Pat Bryant (Guitar) and Drew Richter (Guitar).

The band releases their EP ‘Do What’s Best for You’ at the beginning of April. 

This is a 6 track EP filled with pop rock tunes! If you want to be able to sing and dance to your hearts content this is the EP for you! With catchy lyrics and great guitar riffs, you can’t not like ‘Do What’s Best for You’ and the band for that matter. 

Songs to checkout on the EP:

-Girl In Front 

-Head Up High

-Right Where We Belong

BoyMeetsWorld’s EP ‘Do What’s Best for You’ was made for the summer!  So I got the chance to catch up with the band ahead of their EP release, see below.


Why should people listen to the band?  

"People should listen to us because we give you a product that we're sure you will enjoy and can relate to as well.  We write about real life situations and hope our music can put a smile on your face when you're having a bad day."


How excited are you for your debut EP?  

"We've put a lot of time, effort and energy into this album and we are more than excited that it is out now."


What do you want people to take from your music? 

"Take it however you want. Just the fact that someone has given our music a chance is more than enough for us."


What can fans expect from one of your shows? 

"Pure energy. Non stop fun and crowd involvement. Probably a good laugh here or there, but ultimately a great time."


Can fans expect a tour both in the US or UK? 

"Hmmm, we'll definitely be doing some weekend runs here in the states and hopefully some small tours as well this summer/fall. Being able to tour the UK eventually would be a dream come true."


Where would you most like to tour and why?  

"For right now we're hoping to stick to the east coast, but we would love to play a show in Disney World, well at least Brad would." 


What bands or artists would you most like to work with and why? 

Brad: "New Found Glory. They have been my favourite band since I was about 14 years old. Their work is what got me involved in music in the first place. I'd eventually want to record an album with Chad Gilbert as well." 


With three of you being brothers does that make working in a band harder at times? 

Brad: "Try all the time. All we do is bicker, but we get the job done when it comes down to business, and glad we have the opportunity to work together."


Describe the band in three words.

"Awesome, handsome dudes." 


Be sure to keep up with this band my liking them on Facebook at . 


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