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The Venetia Fair - Interview

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US rockers The Venetia Fair are back with a new album, which I will be reviewing later in the week, but for now here’s what the band had to say for themselves when I count up with them. 

 Who were your influences as a band and especially for the newest album?

MR. CHARK: “I watched a lot of free movies on Fear Net On Demand. I was also pretty depressed. I think most of us were. Music in general had really taken a toll on our lives. Nothing was good and we never looked forward to anything except Monday nights. Monday nights were 'Wing Night' at a bar  in our town and it was the only night on which we could afford to go out. But then they doubled the price of beer and wings so we couldn't afford it anymore. I like to think they raised the price just to get us to stop going.”


How long did the writing and recording process take for the new album?

MIKE: “Oh the fun of making permanent decisions with 5 people! The writing process for this record was not the standard by any means and will never take as long as it did on future albums (we can only hope and pray). The real answer is that this record took the length of our career as a band to write in that it contains material from when the band first started. Myself being a fairly new addition to the band (going on two years now) have added parts to the record that I had written 5 or 6 years ago as well. When it came time to actually sit down, put all of our material together, arrange/rearrange songs, and lay down complete demos of the songs I would say that was a period of 8 to 10 months with numerous speed bumps along the way. As for recording we booked time in November and wrapped up at the end of January. In that time period were back and forth between tracking bass, piano, strings, aux perc. etc at SwitchBitch Studios and tracking drums, guitar, vocals, horns etc at Square Studios in Syracuse with the genius mastermind producer Steve Sopchak (I'm sure you've heard of him...if you haven't then listen to our record and now you have). Answer: 3 months.”


Do you prefer the writing and recording process or the shows and touring?

MIKE: “Being a studio owner and a touring musician I must say I thoroughly enjoy both. When we were home tracking I remember saying to myself "I fucking love this what I want to do?" but then when hitting the road with 4 of my best friends it was no longer a question and more of  "I fucking love this and this is what I want to do". 


What do you want people to take from your music?

MR. CHARK: “I want them to take everything they can get. We put a lot of bullshit work into that stupid album so if you can get anything out of it, that makes me feel better. Maybe it'll influence you to make music. Maybe it'll make you angry and you'll get in lots of trouble and get grounded. Maybe it'll make you feel better so you won't get in trouble anymore. Hopefully it'll get you laid. There are a lot of feelings and messages that we put into the music but they really don't matter as much as whatever you can get out of it.”


Your music certainly has an edge to it that’s differs from most bands, was this something you always wanted or did it just happen?

Mr. CHARK: “Are you asking me if I'm edgy? Yeah, I'm pretty edgy. I'm probably the edgiest person I know. I've always wanted to be edgy so I just kind of came out edgy. I'm in a band called The Venetia Fair. We're pretty edgy.”


Describe you band in 3 words.

MIKE: “Shit, Piss, Nut, subject to change.” 


So how was SXSW 2013 for you guys?

MIKE: “Holy hell, I think I left 90% of my brain on a curb down on 6th street. The Venetia Fair has been down to SXSW 3 times thus far and I must say this was by far the most productive and successful trip for us. We turned hundreds of heads, got so much attention, went down with barely a show and ended up leaving having played 3 successful showcases. Not much more we could have asked for, we were turning heads in a bad way which is our goal.”


Can fans in the UK expect a tour anytime soon?

MR. CHARK: “They can expect whatever the fuck they want. Fuck them. We'll get over there when we get over there. Chris can't leave the country right now so we aren't there now. We're in the US now.” 


Where do you hope to and realistically see yourselves in 5 to 10 years’ time?

MIKE: “I hope in 5 to 10 years we are all rich, famous and dead. In the event that things don't pan out accordingly I'd like to get to a point where we can focus on strictly writing, recording and performing as a full time career. This day and age it's nearly impossible to get a band to a point where it can snowball and reach audiences on its own. If that were to happen I couldn't ask for much more.”


So what does 2013 hold for the band?

MR. CHARK: “We're going to sell millions upon millions of copies of our new album, "Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain". We're going to drive our van all over the country and maybe the world and crash everywhere and play rock and roll everywhere we can. We're going to make lots of bad decisions and disobey lots of people that have our best interest in mind.”


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