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Set it Off - Interview

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So I was lucky enough to catch up with Dan Clermont and Zach DeWall from Set it Off before their first UK headlining show!

You can see the review for their show by going here http://www.shoutitloudreviews.com/index.php/live-concerts/item/116-set-it-off-3rd-march-the-garage-london as well as their show with Yellow Card in London here http://www.shoutitloudreviews.com/index.php/live-concerts/item/114-yellow-card-featuring-set-it-off-26th-february-koko-london .

So how’s it been touring Europe for the first time? 

Zach: “It’s been incredible; we have got a really good reaction. We weren’t sure when coming over here what we were going to get, seeing all the fans and seeing all their faces it really means a lot to us. It’s so cool seeing people come out, like tonight’s our first ever time headlining in Europe and we have a decent sized crowd in there, so it’s pretty cool.”

So it’s quite a historic night for the band, how do you feel having your first headlining show here? 

Dan: “We are super super excited. We are so honoured that Rock Sound and Deezer have so much faith in our band that they are doing this for us. Like Zach said to your last question it’s so amazing that people we have never met before, ever played in this country let alone, came out to see our band.”

In your last interview you said it was going to be a new adventure and you didn’t know what to expect, would you say its lived up to your expectations?

Zach: “Oh yeah, without a doubt we have done things that I never thought we would actually get to do in my life.  From going to Amsterdam and the UK and seeing all the sites they have to offer. On this tour we have a lot of down time, after we get to venues and load in, we get to go adventure and see stuff. We went to Rome which was fucking awesome there have been a lot of high lights. We are really really happy we are able to do this.” 

How would you say touring compares over here to the US?

Dan: “It’s a completely different world. Honestly we haven’t toured on this level in the US yet but it’s not necessarily the people but the reaction is different, everyone’s a little bit more excited I think because we are American.  American bands don’t always have the ability to come here; obviously it took us four and a half years to do so. The appreciation is definitely there.” 

Would you say there is a very big difference in the reactions of the crowd?

Dan: “Yeah, some parts absolutely! We were in Switzerland and that was one of the craziest crowds I have ever played too, it was massive!”

What are your favourite songs to play live and why? 

Zach: “ I would say my favourite song on our set list is, ‘Swan Song’ it’s our single, a lot of kids know it, they sing along with us and it’s just a fun song with just the right amount of energy, really feeds the crowd and the crowd feeds off of you. It’s a really fun song to play.”

Top three good or bad moments of this tour so far.

Dan: “Top three?  I can tell you number one? Number one was we got in a car wreck in Germany, we totalled out sprinter and we were all asleep. So the way we woke up was a loud bang and flying across the van. What else would you say?” 

Zack: “I think being on a bus, it was our first ever time being on a bus. That’s really cool! A full eight hours of sleep ever night, can be rested. That’s pretty cool! 

Dan: “Definitely having kids sing our words over here, we are new to here.  Starting out in the States takes a band a lot of time to grow and build that fan base and we are coming over here and starting over and starting fresh as a band.”

As a band you use social media a lot to promote yourselves and to talk to fans, would you say that is a very important factor now? 

Zach: “Yeah, I think it’s very important that you have a social media outlet. There are a lot of people that can’t come out to shows, but there are a lot of people who can just connect to you through the internet and see your Facebook posts or your Twitter posts and feel that much closer to you. Which is awesome, I love it. That I can post something and it can affect someone in a positive way. I think that’s pretty cool!”

Would you say social media is the new way to stay relevant in an industry that is ever changing and moving?

Dan: “Absolutely! I feel that what social media does for a band and listeners of music is that back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s you could never really connect with a band and you never really knew what was going on in their life. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook gives people the ability to follow not only your favourites but on a personal level too. So it’s an absolutely key to being relevant on that front.”

So it’s been a while since ‘Cinematics’ came out now, is it still exciting to talk about the album?

Zach: “Oh yeah absolutely! This record means so much to us; it came out in September so it’s been what about six months, half a year? I think the opportunities we have got have been from that record. It’s been amazing we got this tour. Sean Mackin’s from ‘Yellow Card’ listened to our record and that’s why we are on this tour. I think that record… we are so proud of it and so happy that we all came together, it’s our most mature record.”

Do you have any plans for going into the studio anytime soon? 

Dan: “Nothing is set in stone yet, but we are a band that never stops writing, we are always trying to pump out new songs. If you look at our playlist we have demo’s and demo’s of song ideas, whether its 30 seconds to a full song. So no set plans yet but hopefully in the next six or seven months we will be back in the studio.” 

Do you have any passion or interests that rival that of music?

Dan: “Me personally, I don’t know about Zach. I was an education major, I love teaching and working with kids. I had to give it up because I am gone 10 or 11 months out of the year. That’s it for me, I don’t know about you?”

Zach: “I am really into acting and comedy. I have been doing a little bit of stand-up recently; still music is over all but I still enjoy other things.”

Are there any other bands that you have been listening to, that you think should be taken note of in the industry? 

Dan: “I have been listening to an extreme amount of ‘Gaslight Anthem’, but I mean they are already doing really well. I can’t think of any underground bands that … ‘Our Last Night’ is definitely another one!”

Zach: “Divide By Friday’ on ‘Hopeless Records’ they are amazing! Who else?..... People! Whoever plays music with a guitar!” 

Can fans expect you back in the UK anytime soon?

Dan: “Hopefully, we definitely want to try and came back before the year is over but you never know because it’s such a financial thing, it’s expensive to get over here, but we would love to be back before the year is over.” 

Be sure to like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/setitoffband and if they are doing a show near you, be sure to get down to it! 


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