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Tides - Interview

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So a while back I reviewed a band called Tides and did so recently again, so before their show at the Barfly I caught up with some of the band!


Why should people listen to Tides? 

Christian:  "I think because we bring something fresh to the table I guess. We all come from a pop punk background, slightly heavier stuff but we take it lighter on stage, we take more pop based influences and bring something that a lot of people can relate too." 

Aaron: "To be honest without it sounding to ‘main stream’ it is quite commercial music, it’s the sort of thing you might listen too but hopefully your parents would enjoy as well.  It’s quite an all age’s kind of market.  Have a listen." 

Tommy: "Hopefully the answer to that question would be you’ll probably like it."


So who were your influences for not only starting a band but for also your music? 

Aaron: "It’s a good job you’ve got us three together.   Well these two guys started the band."

Christian: "Yeah me and Tommy started the band and we actually came from a hard core background but we wanted something more commercial that could take us the whole way. So personally growing up I listened to a lot of New Found Glory and The Starting Line, pop punk bands like that. But what influences my writing personally is Maroon 5, Tommy?"

Tommy: "Steve Wonder anything like that."

Aaron: "I think for me, I kind of break the mould in what we used to listen to growing up because I grow up listening to 5, Steps and S Club and I am not even ashamed of that to be honest! I grew up listening to a lot of pop music, so I guess that kind of helps in that we are trying to write poppy stuff because I don’t know any better."


So what can fans expect from a Tides show?

Christian: "A lot of Energy."

Aaron: "Yeah a LOT OF ENERGY! It’s like if you opened up a can and there was an explosion inside  and amongst  the exploration there was bubbles and confetti and also loads of pyrotechnics, lasers, loads of lasers, loads of bubbles and a couple of sharks when we played Wales."


You’ve been tweeting a lot about working in the studio.  Are there any plans for an EP or album release in the near future?

Aaron: "Ooooo the secrets out, yeah we have been tweeting a lot from the studio to be honest; we do a lot of the stuff ourselves, which is like a secret in itself. We know a lot of bands spend a lot of money going elsewhere but we don’t have to …… Yeah to be honest we do a look of it ourselves which is why we spend so much time in the studio and it is all working towards an EP that will be out later in the year, we don’t have a date yet. We are recording it with some pretty big time producers that we can’t name yet. But it is going to be big for us." 

Christian: "We do have a release coming out earlier, it’s a single, it’s not like an official release but it is something that you are going to be able to pick up at shows on disc. It’s possibly going to be 2 or 3 tracks and something to just keep the fans going." 

Aaron:  "Because we’re recording it ourselves it’s something we feel very strongly about, and we have put a lot of work into these songs and when we go to record our EP we won’t be recording it ourselves obviously. So this is showing what we have done to date and let’s you see where we go from here.  So it will be nice to give something back." 


On the subject of twitter how important would you say social networking is now for a band?

Christian: "For us it’s one of the biggest points for our band."

Aaron: "Massive, I mean anyone is able to sit at home where they live and you can speak to people who live literally on the other side of the world. We have people who regularly tweet us from Australia, Japan, Canada, Ireland, all over the world." 

Aaron: "All over the word people can contact us and that’s brilliant and it’s the easiest way of getting there, without paying for a flight." 

Christian: "And the fans appreciate it as well, because there is a personal connection with the band, rather than ‘oh, they are playing a show lets go see it’. We can tweet them about it and tell them details." 


Do you say this is another way of staying relevant in an industry where it is so hard to now? 

Aaron: "Definitely, we are very lucky to work with a really great team of guys, who really believe in what we are doing and are working hard on keeping us current and pushing us in the right places at the right time. It’s extremely hard, I think a lot of young bands have no idea about it and a lot of older bands might have missed their chances. In terms of staying current it’s always going to be something that is really had to do, but I think with social media and being able to connect with people constantly, not only are you always getting feedback and working out what they want to hear  so you have got an idea of how to always stay current. But like you say it also gives them interaction to slowly feed things out to people to offer them a single or a free download. As it keep’s us where we want to be at the right time. So I think it’s massive." 

Christian: "And because it keeps costs down as well, because trying to get a record in the shops is hard. With record sales going down and HMV closed, it has to be online. If you have that social network before you release a record online, then you are going to get sales straight away."

Tommy:  "Plus if you look at it from the other side a million people can watch a song for free on YouTube apposed to going out."

Aaron: "Yeah, no one has to leave their house now for food shopping or anything and music is a huge part of that. Actually the world is lazy!"


I hear you have been filming a music video recently; can you give any details on it?

Aaron: "I am going to take this one, we are going to keep it really vague and that’s not because we don’t want to tell you stuff but we are not sure exactly what is going on yet. We have been filming a lot of exciting things, to be honest a lot of things you guys might not see straight away, but certainly towards the end of the year, you guys will be seeing a lot more form us. Especially a lot on YouTube and online, maybe even TV and stuff, we don’t know, but we have been filming some exciting stuff."

Christian: "Stuff has been filmed; music video stuff has been filmed." 

Aaron: "Things have happened but we can’t say too much at the minute." 


Is there any sign of a tour or headlining tour this year? 

Christian: "We haven’t planned anything."

Aaron: "I think for us at the minute because we are really new to the scene and the support we have got so far is incredible and we are really trying to build on that. I think for us probably support shows and one off shows and support tours." 

Christian: "And it’s going to be later in the year, after the festival period."

Aaron: "Yeah, get the festivals out the way and then we will start to be pushed out their more. So I don’t think headlining straight away."


Describe the band in three words.

Aaron: "Let’s take a word each, Tommy you go start?"  

Tommy: "Sexy." 

Christian: "You can’t use that one."

Aaron: "Too late it’s out there, you can’t take it back!"

Tommy: "Follow that, follow that I dare you."

Christian: "Fresh."

Aaron: "Unique….. in a good way." 

So what does 2013 hold for the band?

Christian: "A lot of hard work!"

Aaron: "A lot, we are going to have our work cut out."

Christian: "It’s going to be hard work."

Tommy: "A lot of tears."

Christian: "Getting in touch with a lot of industry and networking, they’re going to be recording and then towards the end of the year we will be releasing something pretty big and then just hitting the touring scene, I guess."  

Aaron: "Yeah, I think we will be just getting out there as much as we can but it is going to be a lot of hard work."

Christian: "As far as the next few months goes it will be a lot of behind the scenes stuff and then towards the end of the year it’s going to be a lot more active."


Where do you realistically/hope to see yourselves in 5/10 years’ time?

Aaron: "To be honest as the current market is bands coming in and out fast, obviously I would like to stick around. I don’t Know I could see myself on I’m a celebrity in a few years."

Christian: "….. As a burnt out singer."

Aaron: "Realistically I really do believe we have something good going, like I have said we work with some good people, we all know what we should be doing, we work round the clock and we really do work hard for it, so a little bit of luck and the right people in the right places and I thing we could get somewhere." 

Tommy: "A number one by then!" 

Aaron: "A number one by the end of 5 years and you can quote that!"


As a band what do you want to achieve?

Aaron: "Big things! I think a bench mark for me would be obviously things like videos and support tours are great but I would like to support a band that I really like, would be incredible to be announced on a tour we love. But personally if it’s not completely out of shout I would love to play an arena obviously supporting someone. I would love to just play an arena stage and walk out in front of thousands of people." 

Christian: "An arena headliner would be a big target for us or like a sell-out UK tour where you are playing big venues."

Aaron: "But to be honest that’s down to whoever is listening or reading this, it’s down to you guys not us. Do it!"

Tommy: "I would like to see our first bus ad, see us on the side of a London bus." 


So who would be your ideal person to support?

Christian: "Katy Perry!"

Aaron: "I have two, one would be Katy Perry."

Christian: "Oh and Maroon 5 for me!"

Aaron: "I would also love to support Bruno Mars, I think our music would go well and also I think he would be a good laugh. Good old Bruno, we go way back!" 


Well you’ve heard it from the band, why you should check them out and you can now on their Facebook page  ! And yes, Tides I did quote the comment about a number one in 5 years’ time, look forward to hearing it!  


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