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Don Broco - 21st February - The Underworld, London

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With Don Broco’s London show being the first to sell out of their sold out tour, it only meant one things! It was going to be a messy one!

 Hey Vanity was on first and they warmed up the crowd nicely with their rock sound and their excellent cover of Hey Ya! by OutKast!

Mallory Knox also had a fantastic set, not long after the release of their debut album, it seemed like they had a lot of fans here tonight!

Whenever you go to a Don Broco gig, you can always guarantee on a few things happening.   1.  A great mosh! 2.  It’s going to be sweaty! 3. If you haven’t lost your voice or are battered and bruised …. I’m not really sure what you were doing there!

Don Broco knocked this set out of the park, playing a great mix of songs from their EP Big Fat Smile and from their debut album! Even in a small venue like this, they still have nearly half the crowd on the floor trying to do press ups!

This was a fantastic line up of bands and if you haven’t see Don Broco before; I seriously suggest you get yourself down to one of their extra dates that you can find on their Facebook page because they won’t be at these small venues for that much longer I can guarantee you of that! 


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