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Fans of Faye - Designed To Be - Album - Review

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So as mentioned earlier this week I have done a review on Fans of Faye’s album ‘Designed To Be’ …. Well I couldn't deprive you all of such a good album, could I? 


The Stourbridge band that consists of Zachary Hart (Lead Vocals), Matthew Vale (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Ian Grant (Lead Guitar), Jamie Kerr (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Jack Sidaway (Drums). Released their debut album in late 2011.

Sometimes when an album is so good it’s hard to put into words why you should listen to it and how you will just have it on repeat for the next couple of weeks, because it is just that good and you will have it on replay!

This is an album that shows off Fans of Faye’s talent well beyond their years, with fantastic lyrics and melodies. 

With a debut album like ‘Designed To Be’ I am very interested to hear more from the band in the future!

Three songs you should definitely check out are:

-Paint The Sun



You can listen to some of their work on their website !


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